Galaxy Note 7 Leaks Out in Press Render, Underwater Stylus?

Galaxy Note 7 S Pen Underwater

Whenever there’s a Samsung release on the horizon, it’s sure to be surrounded by excitement and a hell of a lot of leaks and rumors. It’s inevitable really, that the Galaxy Note 7 should have leaked out so much already. After all, when you’re a global corporation looking to launch a device worldwide, there are a lot of teams of people working on the same project at the same time, and there are always weak links in any chain. We’ve heard about what the Galaxy Note 7 could be packing on the inside, we’ve seen the USB Type-C cable and we’ve seen case after case appear as well, and now we’re getting a look at a press render. One that shows off the device in a blue hue with its hallmark S-Pen stylus, which we’re now hearing may work underwater this time around.

This latest leak comes from @evleaks as well as through the usual Vietnamese channels and while there’s little to see about what looks very much like a press render before the launch, it’s the underwater stylus that a lot of people will be interested in. Much like the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, the Galaxy Note 7 is pegged to be water-resistant, and survive underwater in shallow depths for around 30 minutes or so. While the image comes from @evleaks, another part of this story comes from Mai Nguyên, who runs some tech stores in Vietnam as well as a tech blog, who states that the S-Pen could very well work underwater. This might seem a little farfetched, but those Galaxy Note 7 models that passed through the FCC were made in Vietnam.

Should the S-Pen function underwater this time around, it could be a huge boon for Samsung. Water sends touchscreens crazy, and it makes a wet phone very difficult to use, but the S-Pen could combat all of this and make the Galaxy Note 7 a stylish phone that could, within reason, be used in any sort of environment. Imagine being able to dive to shallow depths and take excellent pictures with your phone, being able to change the settings with the stylus? It could be a real winner for Samsung, and bring even more people over to the Galaxy Note line of devices. Whether or not this is to be a final feature is something we’ll have to wait on until the beginning of next month to find out.