First Games For Samsung Title, Link Twin, Now Available

Link Twin, the first new game to be released as part of the Games for Samsung program, is available exclusively through Galaxy Apps starting today. Games for Samsung, which was announced two months ago, is a new program that helps independent developers by promoting their games in exchange for exclusivity to their Galaxy Apps app store. As such, Link Twin and other Games for Samsung will only be available through Galaxy Apps on compatible Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy S7.

Link Twin has a quite basic, yet artistic visual style. It consists of animations made of simple shapes and colors. The music is subtle but adds a nice atmosphere to the game. The basis of the game is puzzle solving, and to play it, the player has to move both of the characters (twins, of course) to the ending points, marked by triangles. Movement is based on swiping; for example, to move up, the player must do an upward swipe. For each turn, both twins move together in the same direction, although a twin will not move if there is something in their path blocking them. Once the player has gotten each twin into a triangle, the level ends and they are given a star rating based on how many moves it took them to complete the puzzle (fewer is better). The game has ads, but they are not intrusive. The player simply has the option to watch a video ad as a quick way to increase their score. The more the game progresses, the more difficult the levels become. It’s the kind of addictive puzzle game you could easily get stuck in for hours.

While the game may be simplistic in terms of visual style and gameplay, it’s quite entertaining and serves as a solid first entry for the Games for Samsung program, which could potentially serve as a great resource for independent developers to get their games publicized. As the game is exclusive to Samsung devices, if you’d like to play it you’ll have to find it in Galaxy Apps on your Samsung device – but that shouldn’t be hard to do, it is prominently featured on the first page.

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