Fido Set For A July 7th Overhaul Of All Plans

Over the past year, Canada wireless subscribers have been seeing many changes to their plans – and it makes no difference which carrier you subscribe to. Rogers had made many changes and improvements in their plans as they try to better their customer relationship. Some of those changes are funneling down to Fido as they look to make selecting a mobile plan easier by simplifying their selection – this is not just a light makeover, but also the complete process of getting rid of the old and setting up new tiers with new categories.

Many of the recent promotions will disappear with these changes - for instance, Fido will do away with its free Spotify Premium offer for two years and reduce the offer to a mere six-month subscription as of July 7th. This freebie is worth $9.95 a month and if you are already receiving your two-year free subscription, it will continue until your time is up. New subscribers will get six-months of free streaming music, but it should be noted that they will have to call to cancel the service. Without calling to cancel, you will be billed the $9.95 per month on your monthly bill.

Fido got rid of the main categories, and divided their monthly plans are into four tiers – BYOP, Plus10, Plus15, and Plus35 – that just means, $10, $15, or $35, respectively, are added to the BYOP pricing. Fido then divides each of those four tiers into three categories – Talk and Text – Data, Talk and Text – and Data, Talk, Text, and Text Pulse. Text Pulse is the top-of-the line category and includes Spotify and Fido Roam. Fido believes this new system will help make it easier for customers to pick a plan. There will be changes after July 7th in the grandfathered and loyalty programs – they will put under the Plus15 tier. This will, in essence double the cost of a new device and for this reason reps are asked to explain the changes to those customers so they can upgrade before the change takes place.

With the Talk and Text plans, you get a choice of 100 nationwide minutes for $25 or unlimited nationwide minutes for $40 under the BYOP pricing tier. Besides  the BYOP pricing, Plus10 and Plus15 pricing tiers are also available. Data, Talk, and Text plans offer BYOP plans of 100 minutes/100MB for $30 – 500 minutes/500MB starting at $40 – 500 minutes/1GB starting at $50 – and 1000 minutes/2GB starting at $60. The Plus35 is not an option under any of these plans. Data, Talk and Text with Pulse plans include unlimited nationwide calling and higher data amounts. For $55 BYOP you will get 1GB of data - $65 will get you 2GB - $75 for 3GB - $95 for 5GB – and for $105 you can get 7GB of data and Plus35 is active for any of the Pulse plans.

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