Facebook Q2 2016: Active Users Up & $6.44 Billion In Revenue


As is the case with most companies this month, Facebook has just announced its latest quarterly results for the second quarter of 2016. As you might expect, they were pretty good. It had largely been thought that Facebook's second quarter would be a good one for the company, with many of the expected figures showing significant growth. However, it seems Facebook has not only realized those expectations, but exceeded them.

In terms of the cold hard numbers, analysts had expected Facebook to announce 1.69 billion monthly active users for Q2. Facebook have now confirmed that they beat those expectations by actually announcing 1.71 billion monthly active users for Q2. As a result, this also means that Facebook also beat expectations when it comes to the number of daily active users with 1.13 billion confirmed for Q2, up from the previously expected 1.12 billion figure. In terms of what this means for revenue for the second quarter, this is another area where Facebook has not only met but exceeded expectations. Analysts had expected Facebook to announce revenue for the quarter in the region of $6.02 billion, however, Facebook announced Q2 revenue was $6.44 billion. A markedly improvement on the expected figure and an even more markedly improvement over last year for the same quarter. As to be expected with revenue results like this, the earnings per share is also pretty good with Facebook beating the analyst expectations of $0.82 and announcing Q2 earnings per share of $0.97.

So in short, when it comes to Facebook's latest quarterly results, everything is largely up. Monthly active users has risen quarter over quarter and year over year and so have those which convert into daily active users. While number of users does not automatically equate to an increase in revenue, which is largely what was seen from Twitter when they announced their Q1 results earlier in the year, when it comes to Facebook, it does seem they are not suffering from that type of issue with revenue increasing fairly substantially from last year's Q2. Which also seems to be having a knock-on effect with the company's shares also now reportedly up following today's quarterly results announcements.

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