EU Extends Deadline For Google's Android Antitrust Response


Google may have just finished up with one high-profile legal issue, thanks to the conclusion of the highly-reported on Google/Oracle/Java case which found in favor of Google. However, that is not the end of their current legal issues around the world. Over the last few months, tensions have heated up in Europe thanks to the EU deciding to take a closer look at the company's practices in Europe and in regards to Android. In fact, the EU are doing more than just taking a closer look as back in April of this year they officially filed antitrust charges against Google for the way in which they make use of Android.

As a consequence of those charges, Google had formerly been set a July 27 deadline to respond to the claims made by the EU. However, as that date was nearing Google had asked for an extension to properly prepare their answer before submitting. An extension which was today approved by the EU. As a result, Google has been granted an additional six weeks to formulate and put their response together. Which means their response will not be due now until September 7, barring any further extensions. According to Ricardo Cardoso, a spokesperson for the Commission, the extension asked for was to allow Google to properly review the case material against them.

Like the recent Oracle case, the outcome of this one could prove quite financially problematic for Google if they are not able to successfully defend their stance, as the antitrust charges are directly relevant to the Android operating system as a whole. What the EU has a problem with, is that Google's Android essentially requires smartphone manufacturers (who want the wider range of Google Services to be included on a smartphone) to include the likes of Google Search and Chrome as pre-installed options. A move which the EU very clearly believes to be one which is anti-competitive in nature as it removes the ability for those services from competitive companies to be included. Either way, it is unlikely any further progress on this particular issue will come through before the new September deadline to respond is reached.

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