EA Launches NBA Live Mobile Worldwide With Latest Update


NBA fans who also happen to love games now have their chance to experience some all-new action on the digital court as EA has just launched NBA Live Mobile on Android today. Today's announcement is about a worldwide launch as the game has been available in some regions prior to today, so for some players this is simply an updated version of the game. Although the game will now be in the Play Store globally, EA does note that today's worldwide launch does not include Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Korea. The game is also going to be free to download, however, like many free games that are available in the Play Store, NBA Live Mobile will have in-app purchases. Having said that, IAPs will certainly be purely optional so there will be no need to spend any money.

Players who decide to check out NBA Live Mobile will get to hit the digital court in a 5 v 5 matchup against the other team, with a full roster of teams available. Players will get to enjoy the game as the GM where they can upgrade their team roster, of course, all of the real action still takes place on the court with players being allowed to pass, shoot, drive, and move around just like you would expect.


With this new update to the game, new and fresh packs have been added for existing and new players, and there have also been new players added. This update also includes the introduction of Leagues to the game, and EA mentions that they have made adjustments to the auto-switching as well, which some players may appreciate if they weren't quite happy with the way that it worked before. NBA Live Mobile lets players connect to the real NBA with live events for a full year-round experience as there are daily events that will be popping up for players to participate in. Although NBA Live Mobile has a lot to offer players, it's also a quick game that doesn't require a ton of time to enjoy as each quarter only lasts two minutes, so games can be played when you have plenty of down time or they can be played on the commute to work. The update is now available for existing players and the game is live for the first time in regions where it wasn't available before. You can pick up NBA Live Mobile from the Play Store.

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