Dyson's 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Launches In The U.S. August 1st

Dyson is due to release their robot vacuum in the U.S. tomorrow, bringing the $1,000 piece of smart technology to consumers stateside after having been released in Japan last year. While robot vacuums are not a new idea nor are they a new product, the likes of a unit from Dyson who makes a range of high-end vacuum cleaners had yet to enter the market with their own offering. That changes tomorrow, and those that are familiar with Dyson products will be aware that a premium product like the 360 Eye will most definitely come along with a premium price that will likely turn off some consumers.

A high cost shouldn't be too shocking since Dyson's other vacuums are fairly expensive compared to other vacuums they compete with, and other robot vacuums like the iRobot Roomba 980 or the Neato Botvac Connected also cost a hefty chunk of change. Dyson's cost for the 360 Eye could be justified though by a number of the components used to build it. Unlike other Robot vacuums out there, which use small wheels to help the vacuums move around and complete their cleaning tasks, the Dyson 360 Eye uses a set of tank tracks which Dyson states helps it move around more efficiently and give it better grip, as well as allowing it to pull itself up on surfaces easier like when it may need to move from a hardwood floor to on top of a rug.

The Dyson 360 Eye also uses a larger cleaner head that spans the width of the vacuum's body which allows it more room to suck up dust particles and other pieces of debris. This is comparison to more narrow cleaner heads on units like the iRobot Roomba 980, which compensate for the narrower cleaner head by deploying side sweepers to grab dust and debris and bring it inward to the area of suction. The "Eye" in the name also has literal meaning and plays an important role in the vacuum's ability to get the job done. The 360 Eye is not just the name of the product, but also a feature on the vacuum as it's fitted with a 360-degree camera that sits atop the machine to map out the rooms it's meant to clean so it can avoid obstacles. Of course, like other robot vacuums the 360 Eye also has a companion app that can be installed on devices for owners, which enables them to troubleshoot, set cleaning schedules and see the route that the vacuums is taking. There's no mention of where the vacuum will be available for purchase just yet, but Dyson products are sold at a fairly large number of retailers, so it's likely that it will show up at physical retail stores as well as places online.

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