Driving Pokemon GO Players To Hot Spots Pays Off

Having been launched last week, the Pokemon GO app has been making headlines all over the world, with Pokemon fans going crazy over it, and the game has even beat WhatsApp and Snapchat in terms of usage time. Without a doubt, Pokemon GO is a great way to get people to go outdoors and exercise a little, as playing the game will require you to walk around especially when looking for a Pokemon gym or to travel to a spot where a rarer Pokemon had been sighted. While that might get tiring after a while, fret not as people on the Internet have come up with a way to solve it. Citizen drivers have started to post ads online offering to drive Pokemon GO players to hot spots, for a fee, of course.

There have been ads posted by people on marketplaces such as Craigslist, offering to drive Pokemon GO players around for a hefty fee. One driver in Vancouver, Canada is charging $30 per hour and $20 for every subsequent hour. The said driver has been playing "Ingress" by Niantic for a few years and knows some popular stops for PokeStops and gyms. However, the driver will not be doing any unplanned stops. For example, if you spot a Pokemon on the highway and want to catch it, the driver will not be stopping due to safety concerns. Another driver from New York, is offering Wi-Fi in their vehicle and is charging $15 per hour for each person. The driver even provides various charging cables to passengers who might need to charge their devices while hunting a Pokemon. In Portland, a driver is offering a 2 hour drive around Portland Metro for $30 per person and to make the deal sweeter, the driver will provide beverages and snacks in the vehicle itself, to keep passengers from going hungry or thirsty.

While normal drivers are offering to drive players around, it has been reported on Twitter that Pokemon GO players have been requesting rides through ride-sharing apps such as Uber to travel to local hot spots or to just drive around while trying to catch a Pokemon. While getting someone from the online marketplace to drive you around while you play Pokemon GO might be an innovative idea, it is best to take caution especially since there have been cases of Pokemon GO players getting robbed after being lured to a spot through the app by robbers.

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