Download: Pokemon GO Gets Updated to v0.31

Pokemon GO AM AH 5

The first big update to Pokemon GO since its release is finally here. This update isn’t actually available on the Google Play Store just yet, but it should be fairly soon. Once more, those with iPhones, you’re out of luck for a bit. But the update is likely in the approval process of the App Store right now. We do have the APK for you to sideload the update at the download link below. Just remember to enable Unknown Sources (Settings > Security) before you decide to sideload the update onto your device.

The changelog for this version of Pokemon GO actually contains quite a few fixes for the game. Of course, the big one is improving the memory issues here. But the big feature that everyone is talking about is the removable of the footprints for nearby Pokemon. The nearby Pokemon screen is still there, but there’s no longer any footprints underneath the Pokemon to show how close they are to where you are. So you can see if you are close to catching that Weedle or Horsea. There’s no word on whether this feature will return in a future update or not, however. The update also brings in the ability to re-customize avatars in the Trainer profile screen. Evidently that was something that was heavily requested.

Niantic has also modified the battle damage calculation in this update. As well as adjusted the battle move damage values for some of the Pokemon within the game. Gym animations have been refined, and should give the user a better experience overall. Pokemon details screen and achievement medal images have been updated in this new version. As well as some minor text fixes. So there’s quite a bit of changes here in this version of Pokemon GO. However, if you did like using that nearby screen in Pokemon, you’ll probably want to hold off on updating your version of Pokemon GO, at least for now. And since the update isn’t actually in the Google Play Store just yet, no one is being forced to update to the latest version of Pokemon GO, which is always good.

Download: Pokemon GO v0.31