Download: Latest Maps Beta Includes Tweaks To Contribute Screen


The latest version of the Google Maps beta application is on its way and while there is at least one new change that is included, it appears that most of the tweaks or changes are groundwork being laid by Google to prepare these new features for being included in a later version. Having said that, the latest version of the Google Maps beta, which should bring users up to v9.32, does give users something to look forward to and while the app itself may not be available to everyone just yet, you will be able to grab the APK for it down below this post.

While it doesn't appear to be available right now, what might be one of the most anticipated changes is the ability to use offline maps without tapping into your cellular data. It looks like Google is adding a Wi-Fi Only offline maps feature that will enable users to more or less stop Maps from utilizing cellular data if available when accessing offline maps. Prior to this change, offline maps would still access the cellular radios if a cell network connection was available to grab onto, and this new Wi-Fi Only option seems to give users the option to disable that.


In addition to the Wi-Fi only offline maps, Google Maps Beta v9.32 does add something which users can access right away – the ability to tell Maps on the contribute screen that you haven't been to a place it's asking you to rate and review. If a place pops up in Maps that you were asked to contribute to but you hadn't actually been there, the options before this version of Maps were to post a photo or dismiss the card for that location. Dismissing would ensure that it wouldn't show up automatically in the future, however, and that disables the possibility that anyone would see it automatically show up in the future even if a visit had occurred. Now, there is a new option for users to select labeled, "I haven't been here," which will simply remove it from the list of places on the contribute screen and allow it to show back up when and if users actually visit the establishment. Area Traffic Notifications is another new feature that seems to be on the way, which, if enabled by the user, will allow the device to send alerts with a live update on traffic issues that may be happening in the area, such as traffic jams or accidents for example. For local guides, Maps will begin to alert users when a place has popular photos. So if local guides tend to add a lot of photos of a popular cafe for example, Maps might notice this and alert users to this fact, and then nudge them to add some of their own. If you already use or are looking to use the Google Maps Beta, you can pick up the latest version from the button below.

Download Google Maps Beta v9.32 APK (universal - no dpi)

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