Download: Google+ v8.3 Brings Minor Changes

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Google+, while it may not be the most popular social network in the world, Google isn't ready to let it rest in peace. In fact, the Google+ team is still working hard on the product, and in the latest update – version 8.3 – there are some hints of what we may see coming to the app in the future. Now just because there is code for these features in this app update doesn't mean that these features will ever become official, or be available in the next update. Google, like most other software companies, do test out different features and not all of them make it to prime time.

One of the big features that's found in the code for this update, is the ability to add images in comments. Something that Facebook already allows their users to do. This would mean that users could comment with animated GIFs as well as images. Currently, users are forced to comment with a link to the image they want to share. Not the best user experience, especially since the poster reading the comments would need to click on that link and have it load up in the browser to see what the image is.

When it comes to communities, moderators may be getting some new options that will make cleaning up these communities even easier. Found in this APK, are strings that would allow a moderator to "Reject all <community name>'s Pending Posts" at once. Without having to go through each one individually. Something that could be very, very useful on communities that are very popular. The other is the ability to remove, report and ban a user directly from their post in the community. Making it much easier than having to report and ban then remove the post, which is currently the way that this is done.


Now, as far as what is new in this version of Google+, there's not much. The overflow menu has gotten a new option, which is to "Send Feedback" and that's about it. If you want to sideload the update to your device, we have the download link down below. Simply download it, then go into settings and check "Unknown Sources" and you'll be free to install it.

Download: Google+ v8.3