Download: Google Photos Updated With Image Crop Improvements

AH 2015 Google Photos LOGO 86

Google Photos is one of those apps which ever since its release, it has become an instant hit with Android device owners. Obviously, not to the level of Pokémon GO, but that is an app which seems to be quite the anomaly at the moment. By normal standards however, Google Photos is a popular app. Which is not that surprising really, as even when the app first landed, it was a photo and image-based app which offered a number of features you might not get with other similar apps and since then, Google Photos has been one of those apps which has increasingly and steadily improved over time with new updates regularly rolling out.

Speaking of which, the latest update does now seem to be on its way in the form of version 1.24. While the update is not anything too major in the grand scale of things and certainly does not include any headline features, it is one which looks to refine some aspects and most notably, the ability to crop images and photos. According to the details, the crop tool seems to be the biggest part of the update with the general design and layout of the crop feature improved. These improvements are mainly defined as a more detailed rotation slider, top-positioned buttons moved to the bottom (with the rest) and a new feature which allows for images to be cropped while maintaining aspect ratios.

While not active yet, it does seem that this update is also laying the groundwork for a feature which was reported on back in May. This is the ability to make use of a greater selection of sort options. Again according to the details, this update does seem to include the option to select a sort option, but does not list the full selection of sort options. Either way, the update is now said to be in the process of rolling out and should reach devices which already have the app installed in due course. If you would rather push the update to your device sooner, you can grab a copy of the updated APK through the link below.

Download Google Photos v1.24