DIY Pokedex Battery Case Powers Your Pokemon Go Binge

Pokemon GO is many things. It's controversial. It's extremely fun. It's nostalgia-inducing. It's even a little bit dangerous. What many players have realized it is over the past weeks, however, is battery-draining. Even with the screen-saving battery saver mode active, your phone still has to keep its GPS on blast, and constantly retrieve data on where Pokestops, Gyms and Pokemon are. If you have a phone with incredible battery life, it may not have bothered you much unless you tend to hit the town and binge on wild Pokemon encounters, but for some players, even a single hour out and about can be devastating. A simple power bank or battery case can fix this, but it can't do it with style. That's what a 3D-printed Pokedex battery case is for.

Nick Poole of the DIY community Sparkfun has created a GitHub file for a 3D print-up of a Pokedex that will fit a Samsung Galaxy S4, his own personal device. The setup can be modified to fit just about any phone before printing, if you know what you're doing, and looks like the first-generation Kanto Pokedex that Ash Ketchum is seen carrying on his first Pokemon journey from Pallet Town. The super-stylish case even comes with a few special touches, like slots for LEDs and a hole for the device's camera, so that the user can use their camera for Pokemon Go's augmented reality features. The best part, however, is that the design leaves room along the sides and bottom to put in the bits and bobs that make it capable of charging your phone, as well as some extra room for more batteries.

The case is currently only available to people who have access to a 3D printer, along with either a Galaxy S4 or those savvy enough to modify the model for their own phone. A few new models are being worked on, but there is so far no word on selling these contraptions pre-made. Still, if you can get your hands on a 3D printer somehow, there aren't many more stylish and eye-catching ways to play Pokemon GO than with a real Pokedex that happens to give you phone longer battery life.

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