Deal: Logi Circle Wireless Security Camera for $169 – 7/13/16

logi circle 4

Logi, which is a brand of Logitech that focuses on smart home products, has a pretty great looking wireless security camera here in the Logi Circle. This is to compete with products like the Nest Cam. The Logi Circle will live stream in 1080p, so you can keep an eye on your home, even when you're not home. This also works in other places, like your office. The Logi Circle can also be a good tool for watching your kids, if they come home from school and you're not there. This way you can be sure they got home safely. Logi provides free cloud storage for storing the recorded video. Allowing you to go back and see what happened on a specific day. The Logi Circle is pretty simple to setup, in fact they say it'll take less than 60 seconds. What's pretty impressive here is that the Logi Circle can give you a 30-second summary of what has happened in the last 24 hours.

Typically, the Logi Circle would cost you around $199, but right now Amazon has it on sale for just $169. Not a huge discount, but it definitely makes the Logi Circle a much better candidate for securing your home. Especially since it is now cheaper than the Nest Cam.

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