Couple Playing Pokemon GO Robbed at Gunpoint in Australia


In just a little over a week now, Pokemon GO has become the United States' most popular mobile game, and while this phenomenon is baffling to some, it is most certainly difficult to ignore entirely. After all, anything that has brought people together and got them out onto the street is going to get attention regardless of which franchise it's part of. For as many as there are good stories about Pokemon GO however, there appears to be just as many negative stories, and it seems as though there are more than a few people out there willing to take advantage of this new phenomenon. Reports of people totalling their cars, finding dead bodies and more have all surfaced following the launch of the new game. Sadly, another such report has surfaced out of Australia.

A couple that ventured to a local skate park in Tahmoor, Australia were robbed at gunpoint on Wednesday evening, around 7PM local time. The couple had driven to the park to spend some time together getting some exercise as well as enjoying a common interest, but two men – one of which was armed with a rifle – saw fit to put an end to their quiet evening. According to local reports, the two men drove up to the park in a white Toyota Hilux, blocked the exit to the park's car park and then approach the couple, both aged 29. Apparently, these weren't the type of robbers to seal the deal though, as the two apparently fled the scene empty-handed, which sort of defeats the purpose of even trying to rob someone.

The couple promptly informed the police of what happened, and the local police are seeking any information regarding the white Hilux that was spotted. The Camden police's Det Inspector Jayne Doherty said that while it was unlikely that Pokemon GO was used to lure the couple to the park, people should "be aware of the circumstances you are putting yourself in and don't create a situation where you may be in danger". This should go without saying, but if you're one of the millions that have recently become infatuated with Pokemon GO, you'll need to make sure you're not walking everywhere with your face buried into your smartphone. Holding it by your side to clock up those miles to hatch eggs is fine, and the app will vibrate any time you need to do something, so there's no need to zero in on it every second.

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