Common Pokemon Offer The Best Way To Level Up A Trainer


Pokemon GO has been around for roughly two weeks, and during this time numerous Pokemon trainers have come up with a variety of strategies and / or created resources for other trainers to use and improve their gameplay. Evidently, one of the main goals in Pokemon GO is to catch as many Pokemon as possible, but in order to do this, a player needs to level up his or her trainer in the process. By doing so, a player gains access to rarer Pokemon and items. Now, there are a few ways to gain experience in Pokemon GO, and one of the more common methods is to team up with friends or other players and create a network of lured PokeStops. However, if you happen to own one or more Lucky Eggs, then you may want to hold off from using this item until you have gathered enough low-evolution-cost Pokemon, and read the rest of the article.

Lucky Eggs are quite rare but apparently they offer the best way to maximize your experience gain while their effect is active. A Reddit user by the name of "bchn" has created a tool that allows Pokemon GO trainers to calculate and determine when it might be the best time to activate the Lucky Egg to maximize its effectiveness. Simply put, Lucky Eggs offer great amounts of bonus experience for a limited time when evolving Pokemon, and thus the best way to maximize the Lucky Eggs' effect is to save up as many low-evolution-cost Pokemon as possible, and then evolve them all at once. Players can use the calculator to select the type and number of Pokemon they want to evolve (say, 100 Pidgeys), and select the number of candies they have in their inventory. The calculator then determines how many Pokemon should be transferred before activating the Lucky Egg, how many Pokemon can be evolved under the Egg's effect for maximizing experience gain, and offers a recommendation as to whether or not the players should activate the Lucky Egg or wait until they have found more of the same Pokemon. In other words, if a player has too many of the same Pokemon but not enough candy, the calculator will advise the player to trade some of those Pokemon for extra candy which can then be used to evolve the remaining Pokemon. The more Pokemon and candy of the same type a player has, the more time it takes to evolve said Pokemon, and thus the more effective the Lucky Eggs become.

At the end of the day, it turns out that one of the most effective ways to level up your Pokemon GO trainer is to hold on to all the common Pokemon until the right time. Think about that the next time you catch a Pidgey or Rattata, and you might get more enjoyment out of your playtime once it gets too repetitive.

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