Collaboration Startup Kifi Is Joining The Google Spaces Team


Sharing information and content is paramount to any exercise in collaboration, whether in an office setting or over the web. Whether your team is writing a novel together, preparing a presentation or arranging a multi-billion dollar contract, there are tools to help make the collaboration process easier by sharing project updates, relevant content, status reports and chats in real time. One such tool is Kifi, a cross-platform web and mobile app that specializes in a user-friendly method of over-the-web collaboration. Another such tool is Google Spaces, a group chat and collaboration tool that's made to be as flexible as it is easy to use. Its development is far from in a finished state, however, so Google set their sights on Kifi to help bridge the gap. In turn, Kifi announced today that they've accepted the buyout offer and will be joining the Spaces team.

Kifi, launched two years ago, was built on the concept of adding context to collaboration efforts, bringing relevant content and group input together to make organizing and using information for all sorts of group projects and interests a bit easier. Kifi also rolled out tools for contextualizing of stored information, such as a "deep search" engine for a user's own Twitter content and links. The freshly rolled out Google Spaces, on the other hand, is much like a long-term group Hangout with all content archived and a few extra features. Users can chat among themselves, send links and pictures to the group. Google Search, YouTube and Chrome are integrated in the mobile version, making it easier to find and share content without having to hop between apps.

With Google Spaces in its infancy, only having launched back in May, it's tough to say exactly how they plan to put the Kifi team's expertise to use or what parts of the Kifi product will be getting a direct port over to Google Spaces. Kifi's involvement will likely be very deep, however, as evidenced by the fact that the Kifi team will be sunsetting their own service in favor of Spaces. Current Kifi users can continue using the service for a few weeks, after which they'll be able to back up and export their data if needed.

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