Classic Final Fantasy VII Finally Lands on Android

Smartphones are powerful tools for just about everything, but over the years they've become more than capable gaming machines. Big gaming names like NVIDIA have whole product ranges of devices based on Android and designed for gaming, and Google's platform has become a comfortable one for those looking to get their fix while on the move. While there are some brilliant mobile games always being launched, true gamers will always appreciate a heady dose of nostalgia, and newer gamers will like to see what games used to be like. There are few other "retro" games out there that command such a following as the older Final Fantasy games, which is why many a fan will be happy that Final Fantasy VII is finally available in the Google Play Store for Android.

This is yet another classic release from Square-Enix, and as such it comes with the usual caveats as well. Chief among them being that this isn't going to come cheap, in the US store it costs $15.99. Whether or not this is expensive is entirely up to you, but it is a price higher than other games in the Play Store often command. Aside from higher-than-usual prices, Square-Enix are also known for launching games with a few bugs here and there, many of which are minor in scale, Final Fantasy VII however, has something most users will be shocked to see has made its way into a final product. The Android version of this classic has a bug that will cause players to some moving entirely when using pretty much any type of vehicle while getting around. It seems as though Square-Enix isn't quite sure why this is happening, but they recommend for users to save frequently, as there's no way around it but to revert to a previous save.

Bugs aside, Final Fantasy VII will also need a sizeable 4GB of space on your device to function, which might not be as easy as it sounds for some users to organize. The release of Final Fantasy VII follow on from the recent release of Final Fantasy IX on Android, and with Final Fantasy XV launching on consoles later this year, 2016 could be a hallmark year for this much loved franchise.

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