Check Pokemon Weaknesses Before Gym Battles With GO Helper

Pokemon GO is all the rage right now in the U.S., and it's sure to pick up steam in other regions as well, just as soon as it's made available in more than the few countries where it has already launched. With such popularity the game is already seeing large amounts of players traveling the streets of their local towns and cities looking for all manner of Pokemon, and once you capture enough of them you can level up, choose a team, and start participating in Gym Battles. While players will no doubt stumble upon the occasional empty gym, at this stage and with so many players, more often than not gyms will likely already be guarded by one team's Pokemon. To take control of a gym you'll have to battle the Pokemon guarding it with your own, and just like in other Pokemon games, the ones in Pokemon GO will have specific weaknesses.

If you're not sure which Pokemon are weak to which types of attacks, an app called GO Helper for Pokemon GO is here to assist in this very detail. The app, which employs the use of a floating UI overlay so you can use the app while playing Pokemon GO and just before a gym battle, essentially lets players look up any Pokemon in the game and find out what its weaknesses are. Each Pokemon will be associated with a certain type of category, like poison, water, etc. which are relative to the types of attacks that Pokemon will cast. With this app you can find out the best Pokemon for the job any time you want to battle a gym that you come across.

While rather simple in UI design, the app serves its purpose in giving players the needed information that could give them the upper hand during any battle they encounter, while also allowing players to access this information on the fly and without having to leave the game. You can also search for weaknesses by name or by type, so if you aren't sure what a particular weakness is called, you can simply search for the category type that it falls under, I.E. fire attacks. The app is free to use and it offers no in-app purchases or ads, making it just a really useful tool to have on hand for the budding trainer that is simply trying to become the very best.

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