Chatbot Ozlo Now Talks To You About Pokémon GO!


Chatbots constitute a significant part of our daily life, with the usability and features of the two most widely used chatbots – Cortana and Siri, increasing by the day. One of the main advantages of artificially intelligent chatbots is the ability to update itself continually with each interaction through machine learning without the developer having to intervene and run tedious cycles. Software programs smart enough to interact with humans are gaining popularity at an explosive rate, and equipment like IBM's Watson, the powerful natural language processing platform is serving to accelerate the growth of artificially intelligent communication software, more often referred to as chat bots. One such chatbot is Ozlo, determined to be more useful with each passing day and every conversation.

Chatbots can technically replace a great variety of apps if they can function properly. Ozlo is one such app which is always evolving to the needs of its users. The app is currently in beta, and people have to register on a waiting list and wait to use the app. It already provides useful information about places to eat, and a lot more. One of the most recent and relevant changes to Ozlo is the ability to discuss Pokémon GO with the user. Chatbots, if not useful enough, lose significance and relevance very quickly with people around. Therefore, learning quickly and being up to date with current trends and happenings is a crucial part of being a chatbot, an essential artificially intelligent assistant program designed to make life more convenient.

Ozlo allows the user to search for PokeStops and Poke gyms through Google MAPS service map. It also provides information about the distance to the other stop and an estimated time of arrival at a specified stop. Ozlo can be used to plan the route and minimize the distance traveled. The Ozlo team is dedicated to improving the chatbot in such a manner that it does not get irrelevant to the user. Chatbots are not meant to replace humans, and most of them don't intend to do it either. Ozlo is designed to absorb recent information and assimilate the data into its system for future use, making it relevant with time and also fun and interesting to use.

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