Build.prop for Rumored Nexus "Sailfish" from HTC Leaks Out


In the world of Android, there are few devices that people look forward to seeing an official release more than new Nexus devices. Sure, they might be as flashy as something like the upcoming Galaxy Note 7, but the Nexus devices have a hardcore following behind them, and they represent a step forward for Android overall. Each year, Google releases a new Nexus device – or two – and this year it appears as though these devices could be coming from HTC, or perhaps Huawei, depending on which rumor you want to believe. Now though, a build.prop file for one of the rumored HTC Nexus smartphones, codenamed "Sailfish", has leaked out courtesy of @evleaks himself.

Those in the know will instantly recognize both the importance as well as possible sketchiness of a build.prop file. This file is essentially a plain text file that Android uses to configure itself when the system is booted, and the strings of text found within this document determine key behavior of your device, and have led to infamous changes such as the UI density of a device, making items smaller or larger onscreen. The build.prop therefore, has to include key information about the device, otherwise Android won't know how to approach it. This build.prop has a build date of Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016 which isn't as recent as we'd have thought for a Nexus device, and the security patch version is listed as May 2016. Of course, there's every chance that this is an old ROM dump that @evleaks seems to have his hands on, but it does go on to tell us more about the rumored hardware for the HTC Sailfish, also known as the S1. As these are just text files, they're super-easy to modify and well, fake.

The display density found within the build.prop of 420 suggests a 1080p display, which could point to a 5.2-inch device, just like last year's Nexus 5X from LG. As for what's on the inside, a string of text with "msm8996" pretty much confirms that both devices will be shipping with a Snapdragon 820. Build.prop files are always fun to tinker around with, and are often the first thing that developers and those looking to have fun with Android end up messing around with, but they can't tell us a huge amount of what a device is all about. Sure, it can tell us the display resolution, whether or not it's a single or dual SIM device and which processor is running the show, but otherwise it's a lot of technical stuff that isn't all that exciting. The picture shared by @evleaks isn't all that clear either, but if there is indeed a ROM dump in his possession, we're likely to hear more of the HTC S1 Nexus throughout the week.


HTC S1 Nexus build prop

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