Awair Air Quality Monitor Supports Nest, IFTTT, Amazon Echo


The Internet of Things is developing faster than ever, and with more startups joining the fray as the network grows. Nest, now owned by Google, has been a focal element in the world of IoT, kickstarting its development before the concept was mainstream. Recently, Bitfinder has announced that its product Awair, pronounced as Air, will support integration with Nest, IFTTT, and Amazon Echo in order to improve the usage of the device. Awair is an air quality monitor, launched in January 2016 that measures the quality of air based on the levels of humidity, dust, VOCs, room temperature and carbon dioxide content. A score is generated based on this data, and the device provides a suggestion to improve the quality of air.

Bitfinder has partnered with Nest, Amazon, and IFTTT to integrate Awair into their systems, allowing the device to act as a sensor, and transmit the data to the respective Internet-connected hub. The new update will allow Nest to communicate with Awair and take proactive measures to maintain a proper quality of air, like ventilating the room or turning on the dehumidifier as it receives data from the device. Amazon Echo will also work similarly with Awair, allowing the user to enquire about the quality of air. As per the query, Alexa will retrieve the data from Awair, and present it to the user, making it easier to monitor the air temperature. Users can also ask Alexa about suggestions on how to improve air quality and other details which Awair can easily provide.

IFTTT is a powerful tool for people who like automating processes but don't own Nest or Amazon Echo. Aware of this, Bitfinder has also announced that they will team up with IFTTT to allow users to work with WeMo switches to control the quality of air. Different recipes will also enable users to create detailed spreadsheets containing various data related to the composition and quality of air, producing useful curves and trends. This move by Bitfinder is part of its strategy to market Awair as more than a measuring tool, and primarily a device connected to the network of smart devices. In order to celebrate the launch of Awair+ and integration of Awair with Nest, IFTTT, and Amazon Echo, Bitfinder is providing a 20% discount on its products.

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