Android Wear: Would you Wear a Nexus Smartwatch?

Google Watch

Recently, there’s been a lot of rumor and speculation surrounding products from Google. That’s not to be confused with products put together with Google’s help, but more products that are rumored to be developed and branded as Google products. A Google phone is possibly in the works, and so too are a pair of Android Wear smartwatches that could possibly become part of the Nexus brand. The Nexus smartphones have long been a staple of Android, and a lot of users will swear by them, and simple refuse to use anything else. Will fans of Google’s Android Wear platform feel the same about a Nexus smartwatch however?

The Nexus moniker has become one that is associated with quality and an experience that you simply can’t get elsewhere, and that’s all fine and well, but that same sort of thing doesn’t really apply to smartwatches, especially not those of the Android Wear variety. Google have, in effect, locked down Android Wear, it’s not available to download as a big bundle of source code, and no matter which Android Wear smartwatch you purchase, they all have the same sort of software on them. Sure, some of them come with a few extra watch faces and bundled apps, but they all run Android Wear just like the rest of them. That alone makes the idea of a “Nexus watch” a little redundant, but more than that, a watch is a much more personal item than your smartphone. You wear a watch, it’s the first thing that some people will notice about you, and what sort of watch you’re wearing says – to some people – a lot more about you than which type of smartphone you have in your pocket.

There will always be people that consider a smartwatch not a real watch, and they’re entitled to that narrow view, but with more watch names jumping onboard, the tide is turning. Fossil and TAG Heuer already have smartwatches running Android Wear that you can go out and buy, and Michael Kors and Nixon are joining the fray later this year. As such, will it be more natural to say you’re “wearing a Fossil” or “wearing a Nexus”. In the world of wearables, it’s not quite as simple as easy as making something cool with lots of functionality as it is in the smartphone world. Instead, there’s fit and finish to think of, including the overall design and yes, branding, of the final item.


Whether or not a Nexus smartwatch is a good idea will be up to those that are in the market for a new smartwatch and so on Google+ we ask you whether or not you’d be willing to wear such a device. You can take part in our pollhere.