Android N Google Camera Update Adds 'Pause Recording' Feature

Google Camera App Android N DP5 AH 2

This week saw Google release the next developer preview of Android N, aka, Android 7.0 (Nougat). In fact, this latest version is more than just the latest version as it is also the final developer preview before Android Nougat receives its release as a finished product. As a result, much of the final version of the developer preview of Android N is quite likely to be the final, finished and polished version of Android Nougat. While there will likely be changes between the fifth developer preview of Android N and the final product, it seems safe to assume this version is as close to the final version as it possibly can be.

One of the features that was included in this latest developer preview was an updated version of the Google Camera app. While the updated version of the Camera app is not a massively different to the previous version, the update does bring with it a number of smaller tweaks and changes to performance, the UI and how users generally engage with the app. Although, it does seem that the updated version does also include one particularly interested new feature which did go unnoticed yesterday.

The new feature is relative to video recording and is essentially the ability to pause live recording. With the updated version of the app in use and when recording video, a new pause icon (shown above) appears in the lower right corner of the screen. By hitting the pause button, the recording stops and the pause button becomes a record button. As such, you can very quickly start recording, pause a video and continue recording at a later time. Alternatively, you can start recording, pause the video, move to a different location and then again continue the recording. All while ensuring the actual video output remains as one video and one recording. If you are running the latest (final) version of the Android N developer preview, then you will already have this feature live on your device. Simply fire up the camera app and switch to video recording mode and start recording. At which point you will be able to play with the new pause feature.