Adobe Lightroom Update Brings Pro Camera Mode to Android


Adobe is a name that is practically irreplaceable in the vocabulary of photographers the world over, and while that used to be just for Desktop computers, the firm has been offering great mobile solutions for a long time now, too. Lightroom is arguably one of their most popular properties for photographers, giving them the tools to adjust the levels of a shot, touch it up with a little cropping here and there and so on. It's an alternative to Photoshop for those that feel as if their composition is mostly correct, and one that helps them unlock the potential of an already good photo. The Android version of the app has been updated with a new Pro Mode for the built-in camera on your compatible device.

Lightroom has long had a built-in camera mode on Android, but aside from being able to change exposure and such, it hasn't really given Android users all that much control over the end result. The new "Professional" camera mode gives users control over shutter speed, different White Balance modes, ISO levels, focus control as well as options to control the grid display and more. This will be a nice addition for those that take as well as make changes to their photos inside of Lightroom. On top of this, the new version of Lightroom has also been updated with better support for photos in their full resolutions when importing and exporting as well as a myriad of bug fixes to boot.

Lightroom has become a pretty solid tool for those on the move that are looking to perfect their photos on the move and with this new camera mode it only gets better. Sure, most devices have these options built-in and if that works for you, then great, but for those that are more used to taking shots through Lightroom. Hopefully over time, more advanced features will be heading to the Lightroom camera, but for now these should satisfy even the most demanding photographers out there. If you haven't already given Lightroom on Android a try, it's a free download from the Play Store, and clicking below will take you there.


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