Acer Announces IFA Press Event For August 31st

Acer IFA 2016 Invite

Acer is not exactly one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, far from it actually. The company did not exactly announce that many smartphones this year, the last device they’ve showcased is the Liquid Zest Plus, a mid-ranger which was introduced during Computex 2016 back in May. It seems like Acer is aiming to hit emerging markets when it comes to their smartphone portfolio, which is why we’re not seeing that many devices being introduced in Europe or the US, and the device that they do release are mostly low or mid-range.

Having that in mind, Acer did introduce quite a bit of hardware during IFA last year, though most of that hardware was fueled by Windows OS, which is not exactly something that interests us all that much. The company did, however, introduce the Chromebook R 11 back in September last year, and that device was quite affordable and rather popular in the Chromebook space. Well, IFA in Berlin is still over a month and a half away, but we’re already seeing that various companies are getting ready to participate, and show off their newest products. Acer is definitely one such company, and they’ve just announced that they’ll host a press event in Berlin on August 31st. Acer’s CEO, Jason Chen, will host this event, along with a number of other executives from the company. The event will start at 10AM local time, and we do expect Acer to introduce quite a few products, though we do believe that most of those devices will, once again, be powered by Windows.


Having that in mind, Acer will almost certainly release at least one Chromebook during the event, and something tells us they’re preparing something else, a surprise of sorts. Considering how popular VR is getting, Acer might opt to release their very own Virtual Reality (VR) glasses, or something of the sort. Pretty much every major manufacturer had released such a product, or intends to do so in the near future, so it definitely makes sense. We won’t know for sure until August, so stay tuned, who knows, maybe some additional details surface ahead of time.