64GB Full HD ASUS Chromebook Coming Soon For $300


Chromebooks offer a great inexpensive alternative to traditional laptops. Because they depend largely on an internet connection for web-based content rather than local content, the hardware doesn't have to be as powerful as an OSX or Windows-powered laptop. This helps keep down the costs so that the price can remain low. Typically, Chromebooks only have 16 GB of storage, which, up until now, has been enough to do what they needed to do. Chromebooks with a higher storage capacity do exist, but they are a significantly more expensive option. But soon, you will be able to get a Chromebook with much more storage without having to spend a lot more money.

Pre-orders for the ASUS C301SA are now apparently live. This is a new Chromebook with 64GB of storage, and unlike other high-capacity storage options, which start at around $500, this one will only cost $300. How would a device with a web-based OS benefit from this storage increase? The answer is simple. In the near future, Google plans to incorporate compatibility for Android apps and games into Chrome OS. This will open a world of possibilities with over 2 million apps to choose from, but keep in mind, these apps take up space. Having a bit of extra room will allow users a lot more freedom to download as they see fit without worrying about filling up their devices. It should be noted, however, that some apps will not be compatible, as this model does not include a touchscreen, and therefore won't work with touch-dependent apps. In addition to the 64GB storage capacity, the C301SA will also pack a 13.3-inch 1920 x 1080 Full HD display, 4GB of RAM and an Intel Celeron N3160 quad-core processor.


For those who wish to reserve this device, pre-orders are available from B&H photo. If you're not ready to buy it just yet, you can still have them notify you once the item is in stock. Although no official release date has been announced, the C301SA's expected availability is listed as August 21, 2016 which isn't too far in the future. If you're in the market for a Chromebook, this one may be worth waiting for.

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