Zeiss Unveils New One Plus VR Headset at E3 2016

Zeiss VR One Plus 2

Germany-based company, Carl Zeiss, has just announced a new VR headset. Carl Zeiss has introduced the VR One Plus headset, which is essentially a new variant of the VR One headset which was announced back in January of this year. The VR One headset is basically a Google Cardboard headset, but the VR One Plus takes it up a notch. The Zeiss VR One Plus comes with an improved design, and its specifications are also improved this time around. Carl Zeiss has included a new smartphone tray here which should be compatible with any iOS or Android smartphone between 4.7 and 5.5-inches (which means it won’t support devices like Lenovo’s new PHAB2 Pro which is 6.44-inches, or the Google Nexus 6 which is 5.96-inches). This VR headset also comes with a head strap, which is removable, and a front faceplate with foam inserts, which is also replaceable, so you can remove it if gets worn out or something.

Zeiss designed this new VR headset around premium materials and ergonomics, with precision Zeiss optics to make it one of the best headsets around. Unfortunately, this new VR headset from Zeiss is not compatible with Google’s new Daydream platform, at least it hasn’t been certified by Google just yet. That may change in the future, however.


Carl Zeiss has also mentioned that the VR One Plus headset will ship with integration with the DJI Inspire 1 drone, which means you’ll be able to see DJI Inspire 1’s footage through the VR One Plus headset (first person view). This headset also supports a room-scale experience which the company claims can compete with the best out there (HTC Vive included), and the company was able to pull this off by partnering with Dacuda, a mobile 3D scanning company. The Zeiss VR One Plus headset is priced at $129, and it will be available this August.

Update: An earlier version of this post mentioned that the Zeiss VR One Plus headset was compatible with Google’s Daydream virtual reality platform. Google has reached out to inform us that they have not certified this VR headset, thus making it incompatible with Daydream.