YouTube's Trends Map Tool Will Be Turned Off In Coming Days


YouTube is one of those services that literally needs no introduction. Most, if not all, Android smartphone owners will be extremely familiar with the video sharing and publishing platform and the sort of benefits that being a YouTuber can bring. Besides being a video portal for just about everything, YouTube is also an excellent source for making something or someone go viral. Publish a video on YouTube and if it is viral-worthy, it won't take long before everyone across the globe is watching it.

In fact, back in 2013, YouTube introduced a new tool which was designed to do just that – highlight what is on trend at the moment on YouTube. However, the tool goes well above and beyond simply listing trending videos and instead, offers much more of an informed breakdown of how videos are doing on a national scale. This is YouTube's 'Trends Map' and as well as highlighting what videos are generally doing well, the map aspect broke this information down to highlight video trends by parts of the country, by age and by gender. As well as many other ways to filter video consumption on YouTube. A nice way for those interested to properly understand the impact of viral videos and who is watching them and from where.


However, it now looks as though the Trends Map is coming to an end as those who have visited Trends Map recently might have noticed that the Trends Map page listing does state that it will be turned off in the coming days. No specific reason has been provided as to why they are closing the highly-informative feature, but the announcement does suggest those who use the feature can still make use of the trending page on YouTube. While this will show you what is currently trending on YouTube in general, it does not offer the same level of broken-down information and certainly not in as such a visual manner. Either way, if you do make use of YouTube's Trends Map, then you should note that the tool will be turned off within the next few days, which could be sooner rather than later as it is currently unclear when the closure message first appeared.

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