WiFi Quick Toggle No Longer Leads To Connection List In DP4

Not too long ago, just last week in fact, Google introduced the fourth developer preview for Android N and started rolling out the factory images as well as the OTA download files for users to install it. While the fourth developer preview is considered beta status just as the third preview was when Google announced it last month at their annual developer conference, it's still entirely possible for it to have bugs and other issues. These became apparent after users started noticing that Hangouts was constantly crashing on them following the installation of the Android Developer Preview 4. This was also in addition to Google's Maps app being broken on this version of the preview as well.

Not everything is or stays broken though, nor are things that Google add to these previews exempt from changes, and that's the case with a change that Google made to the WiFi and Bluetooth quick toggles back during the third Android N preview launch. In the last version of the preview, Google tweaked the notification toggle buttons for those two functions so that by tapping on them they would open up the connection list. This apparently didn't sit well with users, and quickly gained a large collection of stars on the issue tracker.

Following all that discontent and concern being expressed by users, Google has changed the behaviors of the WiFi and Bluetooth notification toggles so that they now enable and disable the connections again instead of leading to the list of available connections. Whether or not Google brings back the option to open the connection list is unclear, but if they changed it back to the way things were chances are it will stay this way even in the final build that gets pushed out to the public. It's also worth noting that you can still open the connection list from the full quick settings menu, but simply tapping on them from the quick toggles after dragging down the notification shade will now turn WiFi and Bluetooth on or off. This was a pretty quick turn around for a simple change, which just goes to show that Google wants to make users happy and that utilizing tools such as the issue tracker can actually have an affect on things.

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