Watch: Lenovo's Tech World Keynote Live at 10AM PST

Lenovo Tech World Stream AH

Lenovo is preparing to hold their first mobile event in the US – outside of CES – today, in San Francisco. They have dubbed it “Lenovo Tech World”. Now we aren’t 100% sure what we are going to see announced at this event, but we do know that we will be seeing their Project Tango smartphone, which they first announced at CES earlier this year. While they announced it at CES in January, we didn’t actually get to see the device. In fact, all of the demos were done with the Project Tango tablet that Google developed with NVIDIA. Making this the first unveiling of the Project Tango smartphone, which rumors are pointing towards it being a 6.4-inch smartphone. That would make it one of the biggest smartphones announced so far this year (behind the 6.8-inch ASUS ZenFone 3 Ultra, announced at Computex last month).

Other announcements we are expecting to see during the keynote is the Moto Z. Which is slated to be the rebranded successor to the Moto X that we’ve come to love for the past three years. The Moto Z appears to be coming in two models, the Moto Z Play and Moto Z Style. Similar to last year’s lineup, the Moto Z Play is going to be a lower-specced device with a larger battery. While the Moto Z Style is slated to be the high-end model. Both of which will be modular featuring the MotoMods we’ve heard so much about lately. We are also expecting to see an announcement on the Moto G4 family for North America. The Moto G4, Moto G4 Play and Moto G4 Plus were announced last month in India.

It’s set to be a pretty packed event in San Francisco today from Lenovo and Motorola. If you’re looking forward to seeing what the company is unveiling this time around, be sure to watch their live-stream. The keynote is slated to be about 90 minutes long. Which means we’ll be seeing quite a few announcements made, most likely. The fun starts at 10AM PST, that’s 1PM EST for those on the east coast, and 6PM BST for those in the UK.