VUDU Android TV App Now Available On NVIDIA SHIELD

By John Anon June 29, 2016, 9:35am
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Today is a good day for owners of the NVIDIA SHIELD as NVIDIA has now started rolling out a new update to the SHIELD. This is the widely-reported on SHIELD Software Upgrade 3.2 and an update which brings with it a number of notable improvements. One of which is the inclusion of Plex Media Server support which basically turns the SHIELD into a far more powerful entertainment vessel and a one-stop Plex solution.

However, the aspects like Plex are just the upgraded features which are coming as part of this update. In addition to those upgrades, 3.2 also brings with it some new features and services with the most notable one being the inclusion of VUDU. Similar to Plex, the addition of VUDU to SHIELD’s repertoire means this is an app which comes as a pre-installed app following the update. So once 3.2 is applied and the system boots up, this will automatically appear in your leanback launcher along with the updated version of Plex. Although, it is worth pointing out that unlike Plex, there is no generic Android TV-compatible version of VUDU currently available. Which is what makes this update so worthwhile to SHIELD owners, as the SHIELD version of VUDU has been put together in collaboration with NVIDIA and is exclusive to SHIELD Android TV devices.

You will need to create an account though to make use of the VUDU app, following which you will be able to rent or buy TV and movie content directly through the app and watch it on your SHIELD, including making use of the 4K playback support which comes as part of the package. It is also worth noting that VUDU supports UltraViolet and Disney Movies Anywhere, which means if you already have an account with either UltraViolet or Disney Movies Anywhere, then you will also be able to sync your collected content through the app and have it instantly accessible on the SHIELD. Last but not least, VUDU does come with voice search functionality included, so it should be pretty easy to navigate your way around the app and find the content you are looking for as quickly and as easily as possible.

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June 29, 2016, 9:35am
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