Uber Drivers Get Access to Ad-Free Pandora Streaming


It's no secret that Uber has become incredibly popular all over the world these days and despite some backlash in London and Paris, Uber seems to be only going up. Part of the attraction of taking an Uber for passengers is of course not having to worry about driving, and it's a hell of a lot cheaper than a lot of other traditional methods for getting from A-to-B. Great for those who have had a few to drink at the bar as well, Uber is now partnering with Pandora to help continue that party while they make their way home. In the new partnership, Uber and Pandora will be giving Uber drivers free access to ad-free Pandora, until December this year, that is.

All of this is integrated into the Uber Partner app, which is specifically designed for drivers that do what many would consider "the real work" and this has a couple of benefits. One of which is that drivers won't have to go back and forth between their Uber app and the Pandora app and another is that it's just one tap away from being activated there and then. All the drivers need to do is make sure their phone is hooked up to their ride's audio system and hit the "play music" button inside of the Uber Partner app, then they can choose from the myriad of genres and specific stations that Pandora has on offer.


This applies to Uber drivers in the United States, New Zealand and Australia, but only runs until December 28th or "while supply lasts". This sounds as though Uber and Pandora only worked out a deal for a small amount of their drivers to get access to ad-free Pandora, and could be a shrewd deal on Pandora's part. After all, it's easier to get someone to end up paying for something once they've become used to it, and what happens if an Uber driver becomes known for playing great music or radio stations in their Uber by their customers? Well, they're likely to purchase a subscription to keep their passengers happy, so this could be another way that Pandora hopes to secure some more subscribers, not to mention all of the passengers that will be exposed to Pandora that might not have been previously.

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