Top 10: Reasons to Buy the OnePlus 3

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When OnePlus initially announced the original OnePlus One, they were a relative unknown in the world of smartphones and the world of Android. Since then however, the company has come on leaps and bounds and the brand has become known for great value for money, as well as some of their controversial marketing tactics. Now, with the newly-announced OnePlus 3 on its way to some customers around the world, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. With some of the best specs available for a device that costs just $399 (different countries have their own pricing, with info available here) the OnePlus 3 sure looks the part, but what if you're still on the fence or want to know what the big deal with the OnePlus 3 is? If that's you right about now, then you won't want to miss this Top 10.

Excellent Value for Money


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Say what you will of OnePlus and the way they do business, but there's no denying their excellent value for money. The OnePlus 3, with its whopping 6GB of RAM comes in at just $399. That's incredible value for money. Sure, that might sound like a lot, but considering the OnePlus 3 has many of the same internals as devices like the Galaxy S7 Edge as well as LG G5, that figure quickly becomes more and more attractive. It might "only" have a 1080p display, but at 5.5-inches it's a great size and as an AMOLED panel it will look nice and vibrant regardless of resolution. For an unlocked, full-metal smartphone $399 is an incredible price and offers some great value for money.

It has 6GB of RAM 


OnePlus 3 RAM Shot

While it might be like this all over the world as standard, the OnePlus 3 is launching in most areas with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage to go with it. Now, you might not even know how much RAM you have in your device right now, but 6GB is a lot more than your average smartphone. The Galaxy S7 and LG G5 launched with 4GB of RAM, and the extra 2GB on top here should make multitasking on the OnePlus 3 a breeze. With more RAM comes the ability to keep more apps and games open, and makes it easier for the device to handle big games as well as more intensive apps. Put simply, 6GB is the sort of specification that not only sounds ahead of its time, but is ahead of its time.

You Can Buy It Without an Invite, Whenever You Want


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One of the things that made average consumers scratch their heads about the original OnePlus One was the need for an invite. That's right, you had to be invited, to be chosen to be able to even give your money to OnePlus. This carried over to the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X, but has since been scrapped and users can purchase any OnePlus device they like, whenever they like. This will carry over to the OnePlus 3 as well, which is going to launch without the need for an invite, and will be available to order whenever and from wherever – give or take. This is a big change in the way that OnePlus is doing things, and to put a device up for sale so quickly after it's been launched is impressive, to say the least.

It Has Fast Charging


OnePlus 3 Dash Charging

While most smartphones are launched these days with Qualcomm QuickCharge for their fast charging superpowers, OnePlus is going it alone with their own Dash Charging. This is a fast charging solution OnePlus have put together themselves and they say that it can deliver 60% of the 3,000 mAh battery's capacity in just half an hour. That's impressive, and depending on how much battery you had left in the OnePlus 3 it could get you a full battery topped up before you leave the house. On top of the speed however, OnePlus is keen to remind people that they didn't need to increase the voltage, but rather the current with Dash Charging, which makes for a more consistent charge. All of the heat should be at the power adapter itself, rather than with the phone, which in turn should make for a longer-lasting battery overall.

It Features an AMOLED Display


OnePlus 3 AMOLED

Previous OnePlus flagships have always launched with a 5.5-inch 1080p display, and that's not changing with the OnePlus 3, but what is changing is the type of display that it uses. With the OnePlus 3, there's now an AMOLED display built-in, which makes for a device with more vivid colors, deeper blacks, as well as better battery life in some situations. It's an Optic AMOLED display, which should deliver a much more pleasant viewing experience overall, including a much brighter display overall. AMOLED displays use Organic LEDs, and when they're black – they're off – which means that black is truly black, which will be a big deal for those movie buffs on the go.

It's Carrier Unlocked


Re-insert SIM tray

This is something that's true of every OnePlus product to date, including the new OnePlus 3, but it's a very important thing to note. Sadly, this sort of thing is only guaranteed for GSM carriers, those on CDMA carriers such as Sprint and Verizon might be out of luck. Even so, this makes it super-easy to use the OnePlus 3 all over the world with just the change of a SIM – or by choosing one of the two you can keep inside of the OnePlus 3 – the OnePlus 3 can be taken anywhere you want. This gives users freedom to get whatever deal they want for their service, and it also makes it really easy to purchase the OnePlus 3, as there's no need to worry about whether or not it will work on your network.




You might have heard that OnePlus originally shipped with CyanogenOS, but that deal went South some time ago now and since then OnePlus has been offering their own software. Built on top of Android, of course, OnePlus offers OxygenOS and HydrogenOS. The latter is only available in Asian regions, and mostly in China, but OxygenOS is what ships on the majority of OnePlus devices. The OnePlus 3 is no exception, and what's great about OxygenOS is that it's got a little something extra included, while also sticking pretty close to Google's vision for Android. It's arguably one of the most Nexus-like experiences out there, and it has some of the same tweaks that you'd expect from a custom ROM. If you're the type of user that wants a basic, yet clean, Android experience with a few more customization options, you'll enjoy OxygenOS.

All-metal Unibody Look and Feel

OnePlus 3 leaked render (wider image)_1

For many, the above image has been what they've seen of the OnePlus 3 for some time now; a OnePlus that looks decidedly different from older devices. This is the sort of thing that will divide users, on the one hand it looks much nicer than other OnePlus devices before it in terms of polish and style, but on the other hand it's far from original. The OnePlus 3 will seem familiar to an iPhone or many other Chinese devices and Western devices such as the HTC 10. That's a matter of opinion, but at just 7.35mm thick, its clean new look will feel good in the hand and give off a more professional and premium look and feel.

Root Friendly


Another key draw of the OnePlus devices has always been how easy they are to "root". For those unfamiliar, rooting an Android device gives you system-level privileges similar to your admin password on your computer. It allows you to manipulate the file system more as well as use extra third-party apps such as Xposed and so on. The OnePlus One, OnePlus 2 as well as the OnePlus X all allow for easy rooting and bootloader unlocking, just like a Nexus device does. This makes the OnePlus 3 a fun device to play around with, as well a device that many will develop custom ROMs and software for to extend the life well beyond when OnePlus are done with it.