Top 10: Best Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – June 2016


The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is definitely a beautiful looking smartphone. There's no doubt about that. With its glass back and curved display, it's definitely a looker. But it can also be prone to shattering, and the last thing you'll want to do is walk around with a Galaxy S7 Edge that has a shattered back. Luckily, there are a slew of cases available that still keep the Galaxy S7 Edge looking great, but do also protect the device. Let's take a look at a few.

Spigen Slim Armor



Spigen has a ton of cases available for the Galaxy S7 Edge, and other smartphones out there. This one in particular is the Slim Armor. As you can tell by the name, it's a rather slim case, but has a card slot on the back, where you are able to hold a few cards. Pretty useful if you don't want to carry around your wallet everywhere you go.

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VRS Design High Pro Shield



VRS Design is another one that has a slew of cases available for the Galaxy S7 Edge, and their High Pro Shield is perhaps one of the best looking ones available. This has a brushed metal looking back, which makes for a great looking back, and also feels great in the hand. The High Pro Shield does come in a slew of colors too, including black, rose gold, gold and silver.

VRS Design High Pro Shield

OBLIQ Slim Meta



This one looks pretty similar to the High Pro Shield listed above, but it's not the same. This one is from OBLIQ and offers a bunch of protection for your Galaxy S7 Edge. This case comes in silver, which will look amazing on the silver Galaxy S7 Edge – which already looks pretty stunning.

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SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle



From SUPCASE, this Unicorn Beetle case is a fairly decent offering, especially if you're looking for plenty of protection. The Unicorn Beetle protects the Galaxy S7 Edge entirely, and makes it easy to still use the device, even the curved display. It does have a clear back, making it easy to still show off the beauty of your Galaxy S7 Edge.

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Spigen Rugged Armor



Here's another offering from Spigen, this is their Rugged Armor case and it's a great choice for the Galaxy S7 Edge. What we're looking at here is hard case that will offer plenty of protection for your Galaxy S7 Edge, along with a sleek design that keeps the device looking beautiful as it would without a case on it.

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Poetic Affinity Series



The Poetic Affinity Series is another popular line of cases that is also available for the Galaxy S7 Edge. Admittedly, this case isn't the best looking case around. But it exists to protect your Galaxy S7 Edge, and that is exactly what it does, and does it well. It protects all sides of your Galaxy S7 Edge, including the curved display.

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VRS Design Layered Dandy



VRS Design also has a nice wallet folio case here, for those that may prefer that type of case. It's made with faux leather, and it actually looks really nice on the Galaxy S7 Edge. As with most wallet folio cases, this one can stand up in landscape, allowing you to watch video without holding the device. Additionally there are pockets inside allowing you to store your cards.

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Caseology Envoy Series


Like the leather look of the case above, but not a fan of flip cases? Caseology has you covered. This case here has a leather back, with a plastic frame. Making for a pretty unique look on the Galaxy S7 Edge. It will protect your device, as well allow you to still use the Galaxy S7 Edge to its full potential.

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Incipio offGRID Battery Backup


This case is a bit different from the others on this list. This is actually a battery backup case for the Galaxy S7 Edge. This case features a 3700mAh battery backup for the Galaxy S7 Edge, it's just a bit larger than the built in battery, which means you can likely almost double your battery life here. It does protect your Galaxy S7 Edge, but due to the large battery on the back, it also makes the device a lot thicker and heavier.

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Incipio Octane


If you're looking for another case, instead of having a large battery built into it, then the Incipio Octane is worth taking a look at. This is a pretty popular case, since it adds plenty of protection as well as grip to a slippery device like the Galaxy S7 Edge. The Octane is available in black, blue, gray and pink frames, with the back being frost.

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