Top 10: Best Accessories For The OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 AH NS 15

The OnePlus 3 is finally official. We know that it has a 5.5-inch display, powered by the Snapdragon 820 and paired with 6GB of RAM. It's definitely a beast. But it is also a metal unibody smartphone, which means its going to be slippery. And the last thing you want is for that smartphone to slip out of your hands. Luckily there are plenty of cases available, as well as screen protectors and docks. Here are the top 10 accessories for the OnePlus 3.

Love Ying Flexible TPU Case



If you're looking to protect your OnePlus 3, but still want to show off the beauty of this phone, this TPU case is the perfect one for you. It's a clear TPU case, which means you can still see the design, but it also adds plenty of grip and of course, protection. It is also available in Mint, Purple and Pink colors.

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APLUS Desktop Dock



Looking for a desktop dock that you can use to charge your OnePlus 3, or perhaps use it to watch video on your new smartphone? APLUS has you covered here. This desktop dock has a connector in the center – which is obviously USB Type-C – to charge the OnePlus 3. However this means that you are stuck using the device in portrait mode, instead of having the option to use in landscape.

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PLESON also has a nice looking TPU case available for the OnePlus 3. One of the advantages to using a TPU case is the fact that it is thin and lightweight, so it doesn't add much bulk to the device. It protects all sides as well as the back, of the OnePlus 3. Making it definitely worth picking up.

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APLUS Tempered Glass Screen Protector



Screen protectors can sometimes feel a bit plasticky and not that pleasant to use everyday. But tempered glass screen protectors make it feel more natural, while still protecting your display from scratches and such. APLUS has one available here for the OnePlus 3, that's definitely worth checking out, if you want to protect that display.

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TopAce Frosted Shield Shell Cover



Now this case here is one of the few hard cases available for the OnePlus 3 right now. With it being a hard case, it means that it'll take most of the impact, if the phone gets dropped. That's definitely something you'll want from a smartphone case. Additionally, this case is available in black, brown, gold, red, and white colors.

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Orzly Grip-Pro Case



If you're one that is prone to dropping phones or is pretty hard on phones, then this is the case you'll need to pick up. This Orzly Grip-Pro case adds plenty of protection to the OnePlus 3, however, it does also add a ton of bulk unfortunately. It has a rubberized finish on the back, which makes it easy for you to hold onto the device.

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TechMatte MagGrip Air Vent Car Mount


Need to mount your OnePlus 3 in the car? Then check out this magnetic car mount. It'll work with just about any smartphone too. Simply put a magnet on the back of your phone (you can also put it inside the case and it'll work just as well), then pop it onto the car mount and you're good to do. It's pretty simple, and allows you to use your phone for music and navigation in the car.

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TUDIA Slim-Fit Case


This slim-fit case is from TUDIA, and it's a pretty simple case. Not much going on here in terms of design, but plenty going on in terms of protection. This one is available in black, slate, mint and rose colors, all of which will look pretty nice on the OnePlus 3.

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Anker USB-C to Micro USB Adapter


If the OnePlus 3 is your first smartphone with USB Type-C, then you'll definitely need these adapters. They will allow you to use your existing Micro USB cables with the OnePlus 3's USB Type-C port. Anker offers up two in each pack here. Definitely worth picking up.

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Asmart Tempered Glass Screen Protector


Here we have another great tempered glass screen protector. This is something that's definitely worth installing on your OnePlus 3, especially if you're scared of getting the display scratched or even shattered. This is a clear, and bubble-free screen protector for the OnePlus 3.

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