'THOR' Is A Concept Of A Fully Modular Smartphone


Smartphone manufacturing companies have released various smartphones in the last couple of years. We've seen various different shapes, sizes and designs being released, and if reports are to be believed, bendable smartphones are also coming next year. That being said, you've probably heard of modular smartphones as well, Google's Project Ara is quite probably the most popular example of a modular smartphone, and ZTE's Eco-Mobius concept that was introduced during CES 2014 might also ring a bell for some of you. Some of you are probably quite excited to see modular smartphones become a reality, so until that happens, let's take a look at the newly surfaced modular smartphone concept, shall we.

We've seen all sorts of concept smartphones in the last year or so, and quite a few of them come from 'Designed by Hege' website. Today's concept actually comes from that very same site, and is a combination between ZTE's Eco-Mobius concept, and Google's Project Ara. This concept project is called 'THOR', and it's actually quite interesting. The designer says that you can customize this smartphone the way you want, and that more or less all of its parts are removable. Modules can be removed by pulling a small lever which is located on the side, when you remove a module, all you have to do is pop another one instead. There are quite a few images in the gallery down below which will explain this concept pretty well. There are three smartphone shapes you can choose from (and they're different in size), MiniTower, MidTower and BigTower. The MiniTower comes with a 4.7-inch display, the MidTower sports a 5-inch display, and the BigTower features a 5.5-inch display size. Top and bottom chins are also replaceable, and the designer has envisioned various materials here, replacement parts are available in plastic, metal and glass versions.


All in all, this concept seems to be really interesting, it allows you to replace pretty much every piece of a smartphone, and that's the whole point when it comes to modular smartphones, isn't it? There are 8 images available in the gallery, and they pretty much explain the whole process of assembling a 'THOR' smartphone, so check that out if you're interested. It's pretty obvious this is just a concept, and it's hard to believe it will ever become a reality, but who knows, we might end up seeing something similar down the road.

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