This Site Will Help You Identify Most "OK Google" Commands


Just about any command you may want to know for OK Google is on the website shown above, OK-Google.IO. Some 150 odd commands and thousands of variants for them, put together by developer kitze, to help prevent confused yelling at smartphones in public places or repeated command attempts that never get the user the result they're looking for. That site hardly seems unique, content-wise. Sure, the Material Design influences are very clear and the list seems comprehensive, but it's just about list of Google Now commands sitting around on the web, which will eventually become outdated, right? Actually, that is not the case with this particular website; this one is open-source and set to allow community contributions in the near future.

Developer kitze, whose real name is Kristijan Ristovski, was frustrated that new lists of OK Google commands seemed to be popping up online quite often, but eventually falling off the wagon and becoming outdated and incomplete. Fed up with the trend, he created his own comprehensive list of just about every command for OK Google, but with a twist. Rather than being maintained only by him, which would likely mean it would eventually fall by the wayside, kitze plans to open-source the project. While it does already have a GitHub page, it is, for the moment, only open to comments and reports. A statement on the website, accessible by clicking the big, bold "OK GOOGLE" flavor text at the top of the site, says that he plans to open source the project and add an easy way for the public to contribute to the site. Essentially, this means that even if he abandons the project entirely, it will stay up to date if enough people continue contributing.


Kitze's statement also includes a quick bio and ways to contact him, such as social media and his blog on Medium. So far, a date has not been announced for exactly when V2 of the site will become live and people can begin contributing, nor when the source on GitHub will open up and allow other people to create similar "living list" websites. For now, if you're curious about some of the things you can do with OK Google, head on through the source link, and bookmark it if you would eventually like to contribute.

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