The OnePlus 3 With RAM Fix Tested Against The Galaxy S7 Edge


The OnePlus 3 has been hitting the headlines routinely over the last couple of weeks. Of course, this is to be expected as the latest smartphone from OnePlus was only recently unveiled. Not to mention, it is one which comes packing a number of high-profile specs like 6GB RAM. Speaking of which, it is this latter aspect which has in particular caught the attention of potential buyers and the media alike and not necessarily for good reasons.

Last week a video surfaced highlighting that in spite of carrying 6GB RAM, the OnePlus 3 did not do so well when compared against the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge during various multitasking and speed tests. This led many to question the nature of the 6GB RAM and how useful it is to consumers on the OnePlus 3. As a result, the debate reached the likes of Carl Pei of OnePlus who explained that OnePlus manages RAM differently and drew attention to a possible workaround which could be used to make better use of the RAM.


Now, the original posterĀ of the first comparison video, C4ETech, has released a follow up video which once again compares the two devices over the same tasks. The notable difference being that this video see the OnePlus 3 with the RAM workaround being tested against the Galaxy S7 Edge. As you might expect, the OnePlus 3 performs significantly better this time around and highlights that the fix really does fix the issue for those who are concerned about RAM management on the OnePlus 3. However, C4ETech also does make it clear that interested buyers do need to keep in mind that this is not the out of the box performance and instead highlights the performance of a rooted and fix-included smartphone. Not to mention, that while this particular use of the OnePlus 3 does allow for the smartphone to reach its RAM potential, it can come at the cost of battery life. Which was a sentient suggested by Pei during the initial explanation of why they manage RAM differently. Either way, if you want to check out how the OnePlus 3 performs in this latest comparison video, you can by watching the full testing video below.

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