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Mobfish Hunter is an Android game that puts players in the near future of 2020, where the Earth has ran out of Fossil Fuels and the Oceans have been taken over by nasty Mobfish. Gameplay wise, players must tilt their devices to keep on diving as far as they can without getting hit, the further they get, the more they're rewarded. Players will end up reaching a point where they're sent back up to the surface, and they need to kill as many Mobfish as they can on their way up. The game spans out across 110 different levels, all the while offering players 9 different weapons and 60 different power-chips that can be used to create as many as 50,000 different combinations to create a unique arsenal. A fun and free-to-play game that offers players casual gameplay with a lot of depth to it, Mobfish Hunter looks like something worth playing.

Just as with other games on Android, players can get started by downloading Mobfish Hunter from the Play Store. Once installed, the game does a good job of educating players on how to actually play the game.


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The general gameplay is pretty simple and sees players needing to tilt their devices left and right in order to move your ship. Things absolutely become more complicated as time goes on, but for the majority of gameplay, this is the sort of control scheme that people will be using. There's a nice little background story of Mobfish Hunter to look up, too.

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Essentially, a Mobfish Hunter's job is to throw in sea mines into the deeps of the Quarantine and then dive as far as they can with it, while avoiding the evil fish, of course.




Users need to dodge all of the Mobfish, and while this seems a little easy at first, it's these first few levels that help players get used to the game. Should they end up getting hit by a Mobfish, they will be sent back up to the surface, and once they're on the way up, they will need to kill as many fish as they can.




At the end of each run, players are given a look at the amount of gold they've collected, how many of the different fish they managed to take down and the opportunity to rank up as well.

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Mobfish Hunter gives players the chance to upgrade a lot of their gear to create something that's generally a lot more capable, but also something that is better suited to a particular player's style.


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These changes also work in tandem with the Power Chip system as well. These give users abilities that they can choose to mix together and use to change how the sea mine acts and performs under the surface.

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Here, we can see I've made some changes, which not only changes the look of my sea mine, but also makes it a hell of a lot more fun on the way back to the surface thanks to my new arsenal.




These changes allowed me to get more kills and do a better job on the way up to the surface than I was previously able to do.

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With extra features such as the mission system, which gives players a target to work towards, as well as the achievements included there is a lot on offer here with Mobfish Hunter. Once players hit a certain point, they will end up unlocking new areas to explore.


These different levels give the game a real sense of progression, and it helps to keep the game fresh as players keep on moving through the different areas.

Mobfish Hunter screens

Throughout these different levels, players will come across the different monster Mobfish that Mobfish Hunter throws at people, and as we can see they all look pretty good.

Mobfish Hunter Monsters


After spending some time in Mobfish Hunter, I could easily see just why people enjoy it so much, after all the gameplay is really accessible and happens in small chunks. This makes it really easy to pick up the game, go for one dive and then put it away for a longer session later on. With all of the upgrade options as well as Power Chip combinations, there's a lot of fun on offer to those that like to tinker with things to make sure that they're getting the right sort of fun. The graphics look good, there are some great sound effects involved and the overall performance of the game is great, too. With different regions to explore over time, it doesn't seem as though players will get bored of Mobfish Hunter quickly, and that's a good thing, as there's a lot to love about the game.


  • Speed (4/5) – Everything here runs smoothly and the pacing of Mobfish Hunter is good as well.
  • Theme (4/5) – I like the industrial look and feel at work here, and the game has some great monsters to track down and admire as well as good sound effects to bring it all together.
  • Features (4/5) – With some great gameplay overall, this is good fun that can played for longer sessions or quickly in order to pass the time. With a classic high score option as well as lots of progression, Mobfish Hunter is a solid game.
  • Overall (4/5) – With good-looking graphics, fun gameplay and a lot of depth, Mobfish Hunter ticks a lot of the right boxes.


  • Simple controls help ease players into quality gameplay that's approachable and well worth looking into.
  • Lots of different fish to hunt down in the seas, each with their own unique look and feel.
  • Offers players customization options and new gear options to make sure players can play the way they want to.
  • Doesn't ask too much of players, but gives them a tough challenge to rise to nonetheless.


  • Starts off by giving players an idea of gameplay that they need to work towards long after they've started playing.
  • Might not give enough players the gold they need in order to create their perfect play style without using real currency.

Mobfish Hunter is the sort of game that will appeal to the majority of Android gamers, not least because of its simple yet addictive gameplay. With lots of options to customize things and tailor the gameplay to how you like it, Mobfish Hunter is flexible and has a lot of depth, too. It's free-to-play and doesn't skimp on anything, making it a title worth giving a try.

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