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Magnet Balls is an Android game that marries arcade style gameplay with an endless runner style scoring system. Magnet Balls is something that will remind players of the classic Puzzle Bobble game of old, while also giving them a new physics style to work with as well. The gameplay is nice and simple and all players need to do is tap where they want the currently selected ball to go and then the colored balls stick to each other just as magnets would and there are also power-up balls like the electric balls as well as the bomb balls. Let's take a closer look and see just what's it like, shall we?

Just like other Android games, players will need to download Magnet Balls Free from the Play Store, and then they go ahead and launch the game.


Magnet Balls 01

While the game's control and such are easy enough to remember – players just need to tap where they want the ball to go – but the game does also let players know how to play at any time from the info part of the main menu. Gameplay is fairly simple, players just need to figure out which colors match and then tap in the right direction to make sure the two colors connect.

Magnet Balls 02


With different animations and such, Magnet Balls helps to spice up a fairly familiar formula, and one that others who haven't played this sort of game will find appealing. It's hard to put into words, but the way that the magnet balls move and then stick together is great fun and really shows off how accurate – or more so how realistic the balls behave.

Magnet Balls 04

This gives the balls themselves a sort of animation that you won't find in other games and while this will remind the majority of players of the classic Puzzle Bobble game, this has enough going on to be considered its own game. The above shot showing off the electric ball is just one example of this, and so too does the bomb ball, which can help players take out surrounding balls near a grouping.


Magnet Balls 05

When playing Magnet Balls, there aren't conventional levels or anything like that, and instead players are just asked to keep on playing until its game over. That happens when the Magnet Balls themselves end up getting too close to the player.

Magnet Balls 06


When players come to the end of their run, they're given their final score and then asked if they want to play again, something a lot of players should do, as the game can become quite addicting, quite quickly.

There's no way of getting around the fact that Magnet Balls is not the most original game out there, because it's quite clearly a take on the original Puzzle Bobble arcade game. We could say the same about any game that flings items at one another, and Angry Birds could be considered similar to Puzzle Bobble just on a different axis. Regardless, Magnet Balls features enough changes and tweaks to the original formula to make the gameplay feel fresh and the endless gameplay approach is something that will appeal to those that are used to playing arcade games to constantly hone their skills and such. The way that the balls move together and are attracted to one another is great as well, and the core concept has clearly been put together with a lot of care and attention to detail, which results in a game that looks good, feels good to play and is a simple, fun game that gives people few issues to complain about.


  • Speed (4/5) – For me, Magnet Balls ran just fine and I had no issues with the overall performance of the game and its paced quite well, too.
  • Theme (4/5) – The physics that control the balls themselves look good and it gives a great look and feel to the whole affair.
  • Features (4/5) – While this is very similar to the classic Puzzle Bobble game, there's a lot on offer here and it's good, addictive fun with some extra niceties thrown in here and there, resulting in a game that's just good fun.
  • Overall (4/5) – Sure, this is a fairly basic affair and its core concept is not an original one, but the end result is still a game that's addictive and nice and easy to pick up and play.


  • Simple control scheme makes Magnet Balls a game that all ages can easily pick up and have fun with.
  • Fun and addictive gameplay makes this a stress-reliever as well as a real arcade classic for fans of the classics.
  • Great use of realistic physics that help paint a picture of animated and lively balls that fit the gameplay nicely.
  • Doesn't ask much of the player at all, they can keep on playing for as long as they can manage, and the routine that players falls into helps to make Magnet Balls an approachable classic.


  • Full screen video ads aren't the prettiest thing in the world to see in between runs.

All-in-all, Magnet Balls is the sort of game that has a lot going for it, but won't be winning any awards for originality. That's ok though, because Magnet Balls is the sort of game that will give players looking to zone out and keep on playing an addictive and engrossing something to get their teeth sunk into. Easy to play, addictive and good-looking, Magnet Balls is a simple game that's worth checking out.


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