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Crashing Season is an Android game that puts players in the shoes of numerous different animals to ensure their safety. The concept is based around 3D levels that players can control their chosen animal in and they need to crash into hunters and other such dangers in order to stay safe. There are lots of different animals – such as the Moose, Crocodile and many more – as well as different 3D environments to go with them. All the environments and animals are rendered using a sort of low-polygon count look and feel that gives off a cute vibe as well as good-looking graphics, too. Crashing Season features lots of levels across different environments as well as the ability to unlock new characters and boosts, and discover all sorts of different special moves that are unique to each individual animal.


Players looking to get used to Crashing Season will need to download the game from the Play Store, which is free to download, and then just start playing.

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Right away, the low-poly style graphics and presentation is noticeable, and it does look really good. It's a clever way of getting around the slim capabilities that smartphones and tablets have for high-quality 3D graphics while also creating a unique look and feel. When players first start playing Crashing Season, the game does a pretty great job of making sure players know how to control the game.


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Thankfully of course, the controls in Crashing Season are really nice and easy to get to grips with, and the animals themselves do the bucking and crashing into hunters and obstacles on their own. Each level will give players certain goals to achieve as well.

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At first, I thought that Crashing Season would be a sort of endless runner game that would need to played in portrait and only gave players a certain amount of room to work with, but I was soon proven wrong. That's because Crashing Season makes use of a large 3D area in which players can navigate their animal around in 3D space.

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This is great fun, and knocking down multiple hunters and such at once is a great feeling when playing Crashing Season. It works well and each different animal has a different sort of special ability as well. At the end of each level – which happens if you run out of health or fall into a pond or fall off of a cliff, for example – players will be given a sort of report on how well they've done.


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I noticed that, while playing Crashing Season, some of the goals for a level involve spending your coins and unlocking new characters or boosts. While this could be considered a way of quickly getting players in a position where they need to purchase more resources with real money, I felt that it was a good way of highlighting other features of the game.

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After spending quite a bit of time playing Crashing Season, I was pretty impressed with the variety of levels available to players, which steadily change as players progress through the different worlds.

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These different levels help keep Crashing Season to stay fresh, and some of them are very different from one another, such as the Arctic environments.


arctic fox action

Over time, some of the more interesting things to do in Crashing Season is to unlock new and exciting characters, that channel the sort of quirks and behavior that these different animals exhibit.

Crashing Season characters


If, for whatever reason, players get a little bored when playing on their own, users can always choose to team up and play online together while taking on tough boss levels.

Crashing Season boss mode

Crashing Season is a lot of fun, and it's a game that I can see players of all ages really enjoying. Animal lovers will see a different side to their favorite animals, and there's a wide variety of them to choose from as well. The gameplay is solid and gets quite addictive, but some might find it a little repetitive after a while. Even so, being able to explore each level in 3D space is a big step up from other, similar titles and it's the sort game that is easy to pick up and play whenever and wherever you want to. With some good-looking low-poly graphics as well, this is the sort of game that has a unique presentation that should appeal to the majority of players out there looking for a little something different. It's got a hell of a lot of charm and it's nice and easy to play, as well as being damn good fun overall.


  • Speed (4/5) – Crashing Season runs nice and smoothly and the pacing is frantic but also up to the player somewhat.
  • Theme (5/5) – These low-poly graphics are good-looking and charming and help to create a surprisingly realistic environment without losing its charm or taking things too far.
  • Features (4/5) – Overall, the gameplay looks good and is well worth trying out, but there are some that might feel it's a little repetitive after a short while.
  • Overall (4/5) – A quality game that looks the part and has some great gameplay features on offer, Crashing Season is charming and addictive, as well as being great fun for players of all ages.


  • Simple control scheme makes this a simple and addictive game to get involved with.
  • Quality graphics look the part without being too "try hard" in their appearance.
  • Lots of different characters as well as boosts to unlock help to keep the game nice and fresh throughout.
  • Great gameplay that works well on mobile and gives players ample room to explore all the different environments across the levels.


  • First handful of levels feel very easy and very short, but things do heat up after a while.
  • Pushes players towards spending in-game currency in order to reach 100% completion for all the levels, which could eventually lead to spending of real money just to complete the game.

All-in-all, Crashing Season is the sort of game that I can see appealing to younger players as well as casual gamers that just want something fun to play. The back story here is zany enough to attract all sorts of players and there's more than enough quality available here to keep everyone occupied for a long time to come. The graphics look great, the gameplay is unique and addictive, and it's all free to download and play, making this a great title to consider.

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