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Sportsman PRO. Workout is an Android app that gives users the tools to track a workout that targets their core, upper body, legs and other areas. An app designed to help users time and plan their workouts based on either key exercises or by the area of their body that they want to target. With workouts and circuits adjusted based on the skill of the user, Sportsman PRO. Workout is an app that can either be used by hardened gym-goers looking for a workout fix at home or those just starting out. Rather than a solution to just lose weight this is an app that will help people gain muscle, become healthy and raise their general fitness overall.

Users looking to get fit will need to download Sportsman PRO. Workout from the Play Store and then launch the app to get started.


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One of the first things that Sportsman PRO. Workout will ask users is to input their weight and height in order to accurately count calories burnt from the exercises that the app has to offer. This is as simple as one might think, and it takes just seconds to give the app this information. Aside from this, the app asks for no other permissions or anything like that.

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Sportsman PRO. Workout offers users a range of different strength exercises. While it might not seem like these exercises are designed to lose weight, they do much more than that. Using your muscles as well as getting your heart rate up is the best way to become healthy as well as lose weight. None of these exercises require any equipment or anything like that, either.

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Users looking to start a workout can choose from any one of these in order to get started.


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While Sportsman PRO. Workout asks users how many of a specific exercise they can manage when getting started, which is good for beginners, there's no demonstration animation or even any pictures to show people how to do said exercise. A lot of these exercises are fairly standard, but including some sort of example would be good for complete novices.

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Once a workout is started, it will prompt you on how many to do in a row, which is basic, but the simple approach here will be good for a lot of users, as many people just want to get on with their workouts, without any hand-holding or anything like that.

Sportmans Pro Pull Ups

Here, users can either add or remove reps depending on good they're feeling on any particular day, again this is a nice little touch that can help users adjust things a little here and there depending on whether or not they're having an off day or feeling like they want to push further. In between these reps of course, comes some rest time.


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Users can add or subtract time to the rest counter or stop it altogether to move on to the next set of reps. No matter their choice, the workout continues, and at the end of any given workout, users are given a look at how many Pull-Ups, Push Ups, Leg Raises or whatever it was that they completed along with the amount of calories used, too.

Sportsman Pro workout


Every fitness app like this needs something that will keep users coming back time and time again, and Sportsman PRO. Workout has its statistics system, that helps show people their progress over time, as well as push them to do more the next time.

Sportmans Pro Stats

Beyond just essential workouts, Sportsman PRO. Workout also include circuits as well, allowing people to target certain areas of the body, which of course allows users to spread out their workouts across their body throughout the week. Targeting the same muscle groups all the time isn't the best of ideas, and it's good to see an app that offers such a thing.


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These combine different exercises together to make sure that your entire upper-body, for instance, is worked on properly and there's also the choice to name and create your own workout, too. On top of this, users can make their own schedule to keep as well.

Sportsman Pro Schedule

Sportsman PRO. Workout is an interesting mix of a number of different apps all put together under one roof. It's not a traditional step counter sort of app, but is instead an app that gives users a way of counting their reps and making sure they complete their workouts properly and have adequate rest time in between them. In this regard, Sportsman PRO. Workout is an exercise couch and diary all in one, thanks to the included schedule feature as well. While Sportsman PRO. Workout is all of these things, it doesn't have any guided animations or demonstrations to make sure that users follow proper form for all of these workouts. Perhaps Sportsman PRO. Workout is not an app designed for complete beginners though? This is an app that is clearly designed for those that want to keep on top of their routine, to make sure that they target the right workouts and count each rep.


  • Speed (4/5) – Everything in Sportsman PRO. Workout runs nice and quickly, and it doesn't take long to get up to speed with, either.
  • Theme (4/5) – It might not look the most exciting or inspiring fitness app out there, but thanks to its use of Material Design, it will blend in with any Android phone out there.
  • Features (4/5) – For a lot of people, the lack of demonstrations on proper form will be a problem, but at the end of the day, Sportsman PRO. Workout gives users the tools to stay on top of a proper routine and make sure that they keep to their schedule.
  • Overall (4/5) – It might be a revolution, but its simplicity is what makes Sportsman PRO. Workout so refreshing, there are no hoops to jump through or anything like that, and it will be a big help for those that need to stick to some sort of routine or target specific body areas.


  • Blends in well with the majority of Android phones out there, making it feel like a system app.
  • Rest timers as well as reps can be reduced or increased on the fly to adjust a workout then and there.
  • Great for creating a schedule that people intend to stick to.
  • Sportsman PRO. Workout is a good app for those that want to become healthy and build strength, not necessarily lose a lot of weight quickly.


  • Doesn't include any sort of demonstrations for the individual exercises, which would be good for those looking to get started from scratch.
  • Doesn't offer any sort of step-tracking or everyday activity tracking.

Overall, Sportsman PRO. Workout is the sort of app that will appeal to those that have some sort of experience with exercises and keeping to proper form and such. While complete beginners might be put off, the simplicity and hands-off nature of Sportsman PRO. Workout is what might keep them coming back to the app. It looks good, works well and has a lot on offer.

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