Some KFC Meal Boxes In India Will Charge Your Smartphone


It is no secret that battery use on smartphones is an issue. As smartphones become more capable, more connected and more spec-heavy, they also become more likely to drain the battery quicker. While one option is to increase the capacity of the battery inside, this does come with some disadvantages like a bigger physical battery or a heavier device overall. This is likely why multiple manufacturers are now starting to make use of fast charging technology like Qualcomm's Quick Charge or even their own options like Dash Charge from OnePlus for the OnePlus 3. Of course, there is always the option to charge your phone while on the go. Portable power banks are the obvious solution as they provide users with the ability to simply plug into a battery charging source from just about anywhere. Although, if you happen to be in a KFC in select cities in India, you might not have to even worry about carrying a power bank with you.

This is because it seems KFC has started a limited time promotion where select customers who order a 5-in-1 meal will receive a "Watt a Box" with their meal. This is your typical meal box but with some notable exceptions, it comes with a built-in 6,100 mAh power bank, as well as a USB, a microUSB and a lightning port on the side. Meaning KFC diners can simply jack into the box and charge their phone while tucking away a KFC meal. It even seems as though the cable is included too.


Of course, it is unlikely that you will get a full charge in the time it takes to get through one of the 5-in-1 meals, but it is a nice touch for those who need a quick energy boost for themselves and their smartphones. Whether KFC will roll out a similar promotion in other countries remains to be seen, but it is an interesting one nonetheless. Of course, if you are in the US and heading to KFC soon, you can now use Android and Samsung Pay to make a purchase thanks to the recently added support for both. You can check out how the KFC power bank meal box looks and works in more detail by watching the video below.

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