Snapchat Update Introduces Favorite Channel Subscriptions

Snapchat has been getting a handful of changes these past few months, and it could have something to do with their popularity causing them to ramp up features in order to continue their upward momentum, having stated that they're getting 10 billion views per day. More recently, Snapchat was rumored to be updating their discover page today, and it looks as if they have given that section of the app a new coat of paint. Snapchat also has a little more functionality by way of making it possible to now subscribe to publishers so they show up in another section of the app besides the discover page.

Snapchat says that the update to the app is starting to roll out today, so if you are a Snapchat user you may or may not see the update before the day is out, as app updates tend to be staggered so they aren't trying to hit everyone at once. The old design for the Discover page showed a list of evenly sized circular icons with the logo and name of the publisher, while the new design is tailored more to a personalized experience and features a much more attractive design with larger thumbnails and an overall more visible appearance.

The main goal with this new Discover page design and the subscription option, is to make it so that publishers have the ability to differentiate themselves a little bit from the crowd. By giving the page a new design, things look more appealing to the user, and by giving the user the ability to subscribe to their favorite channels, the user gets less clutter while the publisher gets the attention they deserve from their readers, essentially making things a win win. In addition to the new design with larger thumbnails, some publishers may display current story headlines as part of the thumbnail on the discover page, which is more potential for  user to tap on a specific publisher if they know what they're jumping into. Alongside the new discover design, subscribing to a specific publisher also enables that publisher to appear in the section called "Snapchat Stories," giving that publisher one more place to be potentially engaging.

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