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The Play Store is arguably one of – if not the most – important parts of Android and without it Android would essentially be an operating system with little more than some core apps as well as a web browser. What used to be known as the Android Market has become a place for more than just apps and games, but when in use on an Android smartphone, that's still its primary use. The Android app for the Play Store has steadily gotten better over the years and new features are constantly being worked on and added to the Android app. One such feature that was discovered a long time ago, the ability to uninstall apps on the spot when a user is out of space, seems to be finally rolling out to users on Android.

The way this new feature seems to work is by offering users that have ran out of space the option to uninstall one or more Android apps or games that are taking up more space than most other installed apps. It seems like a smart idea, after all there must apps that users have installed on their devices that they simply don't want any more but had no idea were taking up that much space. Not only does it allow users to essentially "swap" a new app for some of their older apps, but it could also help kerb the growing trend of apps that promise to clean and speed up users' devices, with the likes of HTC offering their own and Sony bundling it with their new Xperia X devices. Apps and games are getting a hell of a lot larger these days, and this is probably the driving force behind this new feature, with games reaching the 2.0GB mark in some cases.


As the majority of devices come with just 16 or 32GB of internal storage, and much of that taken up by default apps and system software, it's good to see a feature like this finally rolling out. It's unclear which version of the Play Store this is appearing on, or whether or not it's the sort of feature that will be turned on server-side in stages. Either way, the new feature is on its way to devices, but there's no official announcement to go on as of writing.

Google Play Uninstall

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