Shazam Update Adds Always Listening 'Auto Shazam' Feature


There are many apps which literally offer a very simplified but useful and powerful interface. One which gets the function of the app done in very simple terms. Shazam is one of those apps as it does allow you to source information on a song you hear by simply hitting the big Shazam button on app launch. Of course, the app has progressed over time to offer other additional features, like including links to lyrics for searched songs and other artist-related content, as well as across device syncing. Although for the most part, the heart of it remains identifying music.

If you are someone who prefers the core feature of the app, then it looks like a new update rolling out to the app will greatly be of benefit to you and your track identification needs. The new feature is entitled "Auto Shazam" and the basic idea is that the app will do all the hard work of pushing the big button for you. Once enabled, Auto Shazam takes on an 'always listening' approach. As a result, any songs that you are listening to (including when the app is not actively running), the app will know and look to identify and provide recommendations within its "My Shazam' section.


Of course, there are obvious benefits to a new feature like this and the updated Google Play Store listing gives the example of now being able to use Shazam while driving and recalling the information later on. Likewise, it does seem to be of particular use to those who are Shazaming lots of songs within a small space of time. Instead of having to continually activate the feature, Auto Shazam will be able to monitor all the songs you are listening to, for you. Although, for some, the idea of another app 'always listening' might not be so appealing and so it is worth pointing out that the feature is manually able to be turned on or off through the app. If you have yet to test out Shazam or would like to read the Google Play description on the new feature in more detail, head through the link below.

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