Samsung Talks Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition Design


For the last couple of years now, Samsung has emerged as one of the few companies that we think of as really caring about the design of their devices. Sure, Samsung probably cared just as much about the design of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S5, but with their plasticky builds some felt they left a lot to be desired. With the Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S7 lines however, the South Korean giant has proven they know how to make well-built and good-looking smartphones. Last year, we saw the Galaxy S6 Edge get the Iron Man treatment, and this year it appears to be Batman's turn as Samsung introduced the Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition not too long ago. Now, the team behind this special edition of the phone is dishing the dirt on how they came with the final look.

One of the major things that people ask whenever there's a special edition like this one is what the difference is between this and the original. Well, the internals are pretty much identical here, but the team behind the Batman-themed Injustice Edition of the Galaxy S7 Edge said that they "wanted to find a unique black hue" or this version, and that it's more of a matte finish than the Black Onyx version. The three people behind the final look of the Injustice Edition were Senior Designer Kwangmoon Kim, Senior Designer Junwon Lee and Assistant Designer Soohyun Kim. Soohyun Kim said of the black and gold choice that "gold reminds people of the Bat-Signal and we believe the color can be attractive to both fans and non-fans alike". During the interview, the three were asked what they needed to consider about designing a product around a superhero and Junwon Lee said that it was more than just the device itself, but the whole package. Lee went on to say that when opening up the package the first thing people see "is a Batman logo badge, which emphasizes the fact that this is a special edition. It is carefully crafted and designed in terms of its size, color and texture."


It wasn't just the Galaxy S7 Edge that got the Batman treatment in the Injustice Edition, as the included Gear VR and case were also Bat-ified. Soohyun Kim, who admits wasn't a huge fan of superheroes to begin with realized quickly that "Batman uses a variety of gadgets to augment his powers, and we wanted the Injustice Edition package to match with this kind of equipment." It might seem as though the partnership between Samsung and the game is a roundabout way of getting Batman onto the phone without partnering with DC or Warner Bros – and potentially upsetting their previous partners in Marvel – but the team no less took great care in designing the phone. In terms of attention to detail, Kwangmoon Kim said that "In order to create a totally black look, we even made the slit on the metal frame that provides better antenna performance in black". This attention to detail really shows in the final product and there are some more pictures from the Interview – linked in the source and well worth a read – down below to drool over.

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