Samsung Rolls Out "New Note UX" Beta Program In Asia


There is some exciting news coming out from Samsung about a new beta version of TouchWiz – "New Note UX".  This new Beta program is being tested in China and Korea, but only on Note 5 users, which may lead us to believe that it could be only for the Note series because of its naming and the unique features of the Note.  However, our source understands that this new Note UX will roll out to the Galaxy S6 and S7 series devices as well.  If testing goes fine, we could see the new Samsung UI going worldwide by August of 2016.  You can check out some of the displays of "Note UX" in the gallery found below.

Samsung's TouchWiz has been the topic of many discussions for years – some people love it, and others hate it – and there seems to be no in between.  TouchWiz is colorful, bright and very useful, but it can also take up to much memory, tends to lag a bit after used on a device for a while, and criticized for its memory management issues even with 4GB of RAM.  There was even talk at the end of last year that Google was going to help their biggest Android producer to optimize TouchWiz.  After all, Android would like Samsung to use straight vanilla Android, but in lieu of that, they want any user to enjoy a smooth and fast interface – it makes Android look better in the end.  Customers don't always blame Samsung for the bloat, they blame Android.


Samsung has certainly 'tamed down' its TouchWiz over the years and it does run faster and with fewer glitches on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, but Samsung's System Memory still uses over 8GB of Memory – leaving only 24GB for the user.  Luckily, Samsung brought back the microSD card for expanding that memory another 200GB.  The only problem with that is the internal memory in the Galaxy S7 series is the much faster UFS 2.0 form of memory – developers have not been able to get that kind of speed on a microSD card.

While it appears that Samsung's "New Note UX" beta program is not a complete rework of TouchWiz, it does appear to have new app icons and a slight variation in color.  Hopefully, the new 'TouchWiz' does more than just modify its looks – we are looking for a gentler, lighter, and faster UI that does not take forever to get its Android updates.

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