Samsung LANdry Gives Teens Game Time For Doing Laundry


Samsung, being a manufacturer of smartphones and PCs, knows gaming fairly well. As a result, they know teenagers fairly well, and one thing that their data showed them about teenagers was that their participation in household chores is at an all time low. In typical Samsung fashion, they decided to take a stand against this trend in the most innovative way possible. They set up shop at a pilot location in Sweden, called a LANdry, where teens can do some hardcore gaming with others at the LANdry via a classic LAN party setup featuring high-spec gaming PCs. The catch, of course, is that teens have to do their laundry.

Walking into the LANdry, players are presented with a Samsung Galaxy S7 that serves as a timer. When they load up the laundry machines, the clock begins ticking. Teens have an hour until their load is done, during which time they can frag each other to their hearts' content with the settings cranked at buttery smooth frame rates. When the timer runs out, the player's time is up and their game automatically stops. At this point, it's time to gather up the laundry, get it folded up and head home. In Samsung's video, a crafty player extends his game time by starting another load with just a sock, but such behavior is likely to be frowned upon. There was no word on when or if Samsung may bring LANdry locations to other countries, or how much they may cost to use. After all, laundromats aren't free to run and high end gaming rigs take a good deal of electricity.


Samsung is no stranger to both humanitarian efforts and making minor heartwarming gestures for their customers and the public at large. Naturally, these little love letters to the community often serve double duty as chances for Samsung to show off their latest products while drumming up reputation points, both in that community and worldwide. In the past, they've used their Gear VR to reach out to football fans in Portugal, and used buses loaded with gadgets to give businesspeople a break from their busy lives in the UK, among other efforts.

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